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Photography (CPH)

CPH 171 Photography I. An introductory course in the use of the still camera and in the essentials of black-and-white photography. Emphasis on the basic aesthetics and techniques that underlie photographic communication. 35mm FILM camera with manual operation required.  Offered every semester. Four credits.

CPH 172 Photography II. The aesthetic and technical concepts beyond basic photography. Emphasis on fine-tuning black-and-white negative and printing methods, including the zone system. Students register for one lab section in addition to lecture. Prerequisite:171. Offered every semester. Three credits.

CPH 175 Understanding Still Photography. A course for those who want to be able to use still photography at an introductory level but do not require darkroom expertise. Covers camera operation, composition, aesthetics, and visual communication. A digital camera with manual controls required . Does not count toward the photography major. Offered every semester. Counts as a Gen Ed course. Three credits.

CPH 266 History of Photography I. A survey of the origins and developmental phases of photography. Technical innovations will be examined, but emphasis will be on the historical motivations and changing climates of aesthetic intent, philosophical rationale, and visual experimentation in the history of photography from the early 19th century to the present. Prerequisite: None. Offered fall semester. Three credits. 

CPH 272 Digital Photo I. Introduction to the use of computers in photography with emphasis on digital image processing. Students will gain experience with hardware and software used to access, manipulate, and output photographs for use in display, print, and the digital environment. Prerequisites: ART 149 and CPH 175, or 279 or CFV 226,or permission of instructor. Offered every semester. Three credits. 

CPH 273 Classic 4 x5 Photography. Emphasis upon the use and application of the large format camera, the zone system of previsualization and exposure/development control, and the production of the classic black-and-white print. Subject areas represent the classic themes drawn from the history of photography. Prerequisite:172 or permission of instructor. Offered fall and winter semesters. Three credits.

CPH 279 Color Printing. Introduction to color theory, negative-to-positive chromogenic printing, and expressive use of color in photography. Prerequisites:172 or permission of instructor. Offered fall and winter semester. Four credits.

CPH 280 Special Topics. A study of topics not regularly covered in the curriculum. May be repeated for credit when topic varies. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or permission of instructor. One to three credits.

CPH 366 History of Photography II. An examination of the principal theories and debates in photography from the early 19 th century to the present, their social and political contexts, and their expression in both photographic practice and critical writings. Prerequisites: CPH-266 History of Photography I, and Junior Standing or permission of the instructor. Offered winter semester. Three credits.

CPH 371 Experimental Black and White Photography. An advanced production course that investigates experimental and nontraditional applications of black-and-white imaging materials and processes. Historical and contemporary experimental work will be examined. Emphasis is on the expressive and visual significance of experimentally generated imagery. Prerequisite:273. Offered winter semester. Three credits.

CPH 373 Digital Photo II. An exploration of the history, contemporary trends, and future possibilities of digital imaging processes. Includes an examination of visual communication within the digital environment. Student readings and discussions will be augmented with digital imaging projects. Prerequisite:272 or permission of instructor. Offered winter semester. Three credits.

CPH 374 Color Photography. An advanced course emphasizing various approaches to color photographic image making. Areas of investigation include color theory, color and perception, color and light, color strategies, and color as image, as well as contemporary trends in color photography. Prerequisite:279. Offered winter semester. Three credits.

CPH 375 Studio Photography. Creation of studio still-life photos, artificial studio lighting, and principles of studio portraiture. All work done with digital photography. Prerequisite: 272. Offered winter semester. Three credits.

CPH 377 The Social Eye. Explores the photographic tradition of the social documentary. Practical emphasis on depicting people: their activities, relationships, conditions. Photo essays will be produced. Lab to be arranged. Prerequisite: 272. Offered fall semester, odd years. Four credits.

CPH 378 Advanced Problems in Photography. An intensive investigation and a sustained image-making activity in one area of photographic practice. Examines both historical and contemporary approaches, as well as aesthetic and cultural attitudes that have informed them. Students will produce various solutions within the course theme. Prerequisite: 273. Offered fall semester. Three credits.

CPH 399 Independent Study. An experience of an essentially scholarly and/or creative nature undertaken by a student under the supervision of one or more faculty members. Initiated by the student who has a special interest in a subject that is not available in the current curriculum. The student and the faculty sponsor agree on the scope of the study, its components and methods of evaluation. Offered every semester. Variable credit.

CPH 480 Special Topics. A study of advanced topics not regularly covered in the curriculum. May be repeated for credit when topic varies. Prerequisite: Senior standing or permission of instructor. One to three credits.

CPH 490 Internship. A supervised work experience in an area of a student s potential career interest. Initiated by the student, who plans the work experience with the advisor, the faculty sponsor chosen to supervise the internship, and the supervisor at the worksite. Credit is awarded only when the student,the faculty sponsor and the work supervisor have completed evaluations of the internship. Offered every semester. Variable credit.

CPH 495 Senior Thesis/Project. The senior thesis/project demonstrates depth and sophistication in the major. Prerequisite: 266 with a grade of C or better. Offered fall and winter semesters. Variable credit.
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