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John Uglietta, Chair
Mackinac Hall B3-105 Allendale, Michigan 49401 Christine DeMichieli, Office Coordinator
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Welcome to the Philosophy Department

The Department of Philosophy offers both a Major and a Minor in Philosophy.

The Department counts 21 full-time faculty members working in a variety of specialties.

The Department's international faculty is made of active scholars who are committed to undergraduate education. They are at Grand Valley to share their expertise in a wide variety of philosophical schools, national traditions, historical periods, and specialized areas of philosophical work.

The curriculum is designed to provide a foundation of solid understanding of the history of philosophy, but also to encourage students to pursue work in their own areas of interest. Formal coursework is only one part of the Philosophy student's education. Since inquiry and study are most fruitful when conducted in a vital community of fellow scholars, the Department is committed to offering a number of excellent learning opportunities that go beyond traditional classroom structures.


Course Offerings Fall 2017 and Winter 2018

Use the following link or click navigation tab on the left entitled Course Offerings for a list of Philosophy 200-400 courses:  course-offerings-spring-su-2017-winter-2018-108.htm


Colloquium Series and Calendar of Events

All are invited to attend our series of colloquium presentations by GVSU faculty and guests. These will begin again in Fall 2017

See details for next Colloquium  on the Upcoming Colloquium Events webpage

Call for Papers                                      

None at this time. Look for updates in the fall.


Calendar of Philosophy Related Events