Seymour & Esther Padnos College of Engineering & Computing

Specific information on admission, curriculum, and graduation requirements can be found on each of the school or department web sites listed above in the Academics tab.

Graduate Programs

M.S. in Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering Emphasis
Manufacturing Operations Engineering Emphasis
Mechanical Engineering Emphasis
Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering Emphasis

M.S in Engineering Biomedical Engineering Emphasis
Biomedical Engineering Emphasis

M.S. in Computer Information Systems
Master of Science in Computer Information Systems
Master of Science in Medical & Bioinformatics

Undergraduate Major Programs

Engineering Programs (B.S.E.)
Computer Engineering Emphasis
Electrical Engineering Emphasis
Mechanical Engineering Emphasis
Product Design & Manufacturing Engineering Emphasis
Interdisciplinary Engineering Emphasis

Computing & Information Systems Majors
Computer Science Major
Information Systems Major

Occupational Safety & Health Management Major
Occupational Safety & Health Management

Undergraduate Minor Programs

School of Engineering
Computer Engineering Minor
Engineering Science Minor
Biomedical Engineering Minor

School of Computing & Information Systems
Computer Science Minor
Computer Science Minor (7-12 Secondary Teacher Certification)
Computer Engineering Minor
Information Security Systems Minor
Information Systems (ISS) Minor
Information Technology Minor
Health Care Information Systems Minor

Occupational Safety & Health Management
Occupational Safety & Health Management Minor


When attending Grand Valley, scholarships are a great resource to aid in decreasing your reliance on student loans. Grand Valley has many choices when it comes to scholarships that are available to new and returning students. Below are links for finding Admissions Application scholarships, scholarships by department, and endowed scholarships. As well as a list of Engineering and Computing & Information Systems related scholarships.

Admissions Application Scholarships

Departmental & Endowed Scholarships

Engineering and Computing & Information Systems Scholarships