What We Do

We are excited to launch the NEW Office for Community Partnerships and Student Professional Development in the Brooks College! The Office is designed to support and advance community-engaged teaching, learning and research as well as support a variety of interdisciplinary initiatives that link liberal education with professional skills to prepare students for their future professional, personal, and civic lives.

Our specific responsibilities include:

  • Cultivate the College’s strategic community partnerships that are mutually beneficial and enhance student learning relevant to Brooks College programs or courses
  • Support faculty in incorporating community-based teaching and research into their courses or supervised student projects
  • Oversee the Brooks College Innovation Lab (currently under construction)
  • Oversee credit-bearing initiatives that support students in developing interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. Such as:
    • The Padnos/Sarosik Civil Discourse Initiative
    • Partnership with the University of Michigan's Semester in Detroit Program
    • LEPS Certificate Program that connects liberal education with professional skills
    • University Studies courses around career exploration and internships (US 102, US 301)
    • Interdisciplinary 1-credit special topics courses (IDS 180)

Who We Are

Kristin Moretto, Ph.D. is the inaugural Director of the Office for Community Partnerships and Student Professional Development in the Brooks College. Formerly, she was the Director of Experiential Learning in the College of Public Health at the University of South Florida and Assistant Director for Service-Learning at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she oversaw the growth of academic service-learning, directed a community-based research grant program, and led the NASPA CLDE initiative. Prior to these roles, Moretto directed the Michigan State University Student Food Bank and also worked in the Office of Faculty and Organizational Development. Her research and scholarly work includes a variety of topics concerning civic and community-engagement; the professional development of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students; as well as spirituality and purpose among college students.

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As a 2015 graduate of the GVSU Liberal Studies program, Nicole holds a deep appreciation for the programming offered through the Brooks College.  "It is a pleasure to serve in a capacity that will enhance the programming of the Brooks College.  Community-engaged learning opportunities serve both our students and our community.  I am excited to be part of something new and look forward to serving GVSU students and faculty along with building relationships with community partners."  Prior to her position as an office coordinator within The Brooks College Office for Community Partnerships and Student Professional Development, Nicole worked in sales, marketing, and other administrative roles. 

Page last modified October 17, 2017