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IRB (Human and Animal Subjects)

Where appropriate, please include this statement on all printed or displayed project materials, including abstracts, posters, Power Points, etc.:

This project has been approved by Grand Valley State University’s {HRRC or IACUC}, {approval number}, {expiration date}.

If applicable, clearly state when a project is a literature review or theoretical exercise.

For assistance with the review process, please contact the Research Protections Program, 616-331-3197,

Presentations Involving Human Subjects

All research involving human subjects performed at GVSU and/or by GVSU students, staff, and/or faculty must be reviewed and approved by the Human Research Review Committee prior to beginning the research.

Submit a Change in Protocol form to add a student researcher as key personnel to any previously approved study.  Please note: Exempt human subjects research must still be reviewed and approved by the HRRC. Click here for more information.

Presentations involving Animal Research

All animal research at GVSU must be conducted in accordance with IACUC standards and comply with the Public Health Service policies and USDA animal welfare regulations.  All research involving the use of animals must be approved prior to beginning research activities.