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Finding Geocaches
Please read the descriptions below to better understand the Cache(s) that you will be finding.  Then proceed to the

Note:  Geocaches placed by the OAC have been picked-up for the winter and will be re-placed after the snow melts.

Geocache Coordinates

Ravine Trails Map

Geocache Sizes
Caches on campus come in three approximate sizes:  Regular, Small, & Micro.

Regular - About the size of a 1/2 qt Tupperware container.
Small - About 1/2 the size of the average ceramic coffee mug
Micro - Pill bottle size and smaller

Placement Difficulty
Geocaches will have a difficulty rating attached to it based on the obviousness of the object in which it's hidden and the amount of searching that will be required once the general location is found.  Ratings will be between 1-4 diamonds.

1 - Location and Placement are obvious.
2 - Location is obvious but placement of cache is less obvious than a 1
3 - May have multiple location choices nearby but placement will be fairly obvious.
4 - Location and placement will make you wonder if it's there at all!

Types of Caches
Three types of caches may be available at any given time.  Regular, Multi-Stage, & Puzzle.

Reglar - The cache will be hidden at the given coordinates.
Multi-Stage - Each stage will supply you with coordinates to the next stage.  The cache itself is hidden at the final stage.
Puzzle - A puzzle of sorts must be solved which when pieced together will give the coordinates to the cache. 

General Locations
There are two series of geocaches: Ravines & A-Game.

All Ravines caches are hidden within 50 ft of the Ravine Trails.  Trails should be followed until near the cache site to avoid unnecessary erosion and damage to the surrounding vegetation.  Click the link above for a printable trail map.

Caution!  Poison Ivy boarders the trail heavily along the river and periodically found throughout the woods.  Watch your step and remember: "leaves of three, let them be".   

All of the A-Game series are hidden around the outdoor athletic fields.  Due to the large number of non-geocachers, it is not recommended you attempt to find these during sporting events.  Please do not enter any of the athletic fields.


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