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Geocaches placed by the OAC have been removed for the winter.  They will return after the snow melts.

What is Geocaching?
Geocaching can be thought of simply as a worldwide treasure hunt where hidden items are found with the help of handheld GPS units.  There are currently about 1.4 million active caches hidden worldwide.  So chances are that you pass by multiple Geocache sites each day without even knowing. 

Basically, someone hides a container (with or without "treasure" depending on size).  They then mark the hiding place's coordinates with a GPS and post them online for the geocache hunter to upload.  The hunter then attempts to find the hidden cache! 

All caches regardless of size will contain a log book for you to document having found it.  Larger caches may contain trinkets & tradeable items.  The idea is to take a trinket that someone else left and replace it  with one of your own.

Normally, once a cache is hidden, the coordinates will be logged on the official Geocaching website.  For the time being, GVSU's geocache coordinates will remain here on our website only. 

Click Here to find GV Caches

For a more full description of Geocaching and all the possibilities you may visit the official geocaching website at  Information about geocaching will be readily available however, some information will require you to create a free account to view.

Don't have a GPS?
No worries!  You can rent a handheld Garmin GPS unit from the OAC.  Visit our Equipment page for details and pricing.

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