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Day 1 Tuesday, May 31: The Importance of Integrating Ethics, Psychology, and the Humanities

Session 1 – Opening Institute Keynote – Owen Flanagan

Day 2 Wednesday, June 1: The Moral Sense Faculty

Session 2Francis Hutcheson – Phyllis Vandenberg

Session 3The Development of the Sentiments – Phyllis Vandenberg

Day 3 Thursday, June 2: Sympathy

Session 4David Hume – Michael Gill

Optional Hosted Luncheon: Topic: Hutcheson and Hume
Facilitators: Vandenberg & Gill (hosted by the GVSU College of Arts and Sciences)

Session 5 – Winter Hall Musical performance by Margaret Moore

Day 4 Friday, June 3: The Effect of Music on Moral Psychology

Session 6Music and Neuroaesthetics – Margaret Moore

Weekend One: Friday afternoon, June 3 Sunday evening, June 5

Optional Social Events/Outings:
Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts

Research, Writing, and Preparation:
Participants will be encouraged to read and work on their own ideas as their response to Week One and to prepare the readings for Week Two.