Laker Marching Band Council


The Laker Marching Band Council (LMBC) is a student-led organization within GVSU that exists to run the Laker Marching Band as its executive board. The LMBC holds meetings throughout the Fall and Winter semesters that are open to members of the Laker Marching Band. More information about the LMBC meetings, including dates and previous meeting minutes, can be found on the LMBC Meetings page.



The Logistics Chairperson is responsible for being aware of and overseeing any logistic issues for any and all events and/or tasks done by the LMBC and present the issues to the council.


The Recruitment Chairperson is responsible for active, year-round recruitment for the Laker Marching Band. They are also responsible for creating, or facilitating the creation of, and posting LMB recruitment promotions

Show Planning

The Show Planning Chairperson plans all of the themes and music for the Laker Marching Band performances. They are also responsible for acquiring and maintaining all materials needed for specific shows.


The Social Chairperson plans all social activities of the Laker Marching Band, including all band camp activities. They are also responsible for creating, or facilitating the creation of, the End-of-Season Slideshow.


The Uniform Chairperson is responsible for distributing and collecting uniforms to and from the members of the Laker Marching Band. They keep records of all uniform parts throughout the season. That are also responsible to organizing the uniform room after the season is over and provides uniform repairs (i.e. missing buttons) when needed.


The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining everything to do with the the Laker Marching Band’s website, as well as posting on various LMB social media pages.

Page last modified February 3, 2017