Band Camp Registration

Band Camp Registration Form

Please follow the instructions below to register for the 2015 Laker Marching Band Camp. Registration must be completed by August 1.

A. Read the 2015 Band Camp Letter and Information Document COMPLETELY before registering!

Click button for the 2015 Band Camp Letter and Information Document.

2015 Band Camp Letter and Information Document

B. General Information about the Band Camp Registration Form

1. All Members are REQUIRED to complete all questions/fields on the Band Camp Registration Form.
2. All members will be charged two fees: $30.00 Band Camp Registration/Activity Fee and $10.00 End-of-Year Uniform Cleaning Fee for total of $40.00.
3. All NEW members are provided the LMB Black Baseball cap, Winter Knit Hat, LMB T-Shirt, and marching gloves.
**Returners may request a replacement LMB T-Shirt ($10.00) or LMB Baseball Cap and Winter Knit Hat ($23.00). You will be responsible for the costs at Band Camp.
4. All RETURNERS are provided a pair of marching gloves.
5. All Wind and Percussion Members must provide their own black marching band shoes (Drill Masters, Dinkel's, etc - they must be specifically marching band shoes).
6. All Color Guard Members must provide their own shoes as mandated by the Color Guard Instructor.

C. Online GVSU Band Camp Registration Form

Click button to fill out and submit electronically the Online Band Camp Registration Form.


**You can ONLY submit the Band Camp Registration ONE (1) time!

The Band camp Registration Form must be submitted (paid) by August 1.