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Gender Inclusive Housing on campus
A housing option in which two or more students may share a multiple-occupancy apartment regardless of the students’ sex or gender

Gender Inclusive Bathrooms on campus
Single stall restrooms that can be used by people of all genders or no gender.

Gender Inclusive Housing

GVSU Gender Inclusive Housing

Purpose of Gender Inclusive Housing: 

Housing & Residence Life works to provide a safe, inclusive, comfortable and supportive living experience for all students living in Grand Valley State University's living centers and apartments. Gender Inclusive Housing is open to all students whose needs are not met by our traditional housing options and supports the University's non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. Gender Inclusive Housing is defined as a housing option in which two or more students may share a multiple-occupancy apartment regardless of the students' sex or gender.

Housing Request Process:

If you are interested in a gender-inclusive room or apartment space, a student must fill out a request form indicating why their needs are not being met by our traditional housing options and request which options may be suitable for a better, more inclusive learning environment. Once the request is received, a committee (comprised of representatives from faculty, athletics, LGBT Resource Center staff & housing staff) will meet to determine the best option for success for the student. Gender Inclusive Housing assignments vary based on student needs, application date, and availability. As with all living centers, students who would like to live in Gender Inclusive Housing are encouraged to request roommates and apply early.

Note: Students will be notified within 2 weeks of when a request is submitted. The more information that is provided in the request, the faster and more efficient the committee can make a decision.

If you have any questions about this process or would like to discuss your interest or preferences, please contact Carrie Simmons in the Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center (616.331.2530) or Dena Willis in Housing and Residence Life (616.331.2120).

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The anyBODYS app for Apple and Android

T3 created the anyBODYS app to help students, faculty, staff, and visitors of Grand Valley State University find single-stall, gender inclusive bathrooms on each of GVSU's campuses. To download the Android app, click here. To download the Apple app, click here.

Gender Inclusive Bathrooms

Click here for a map of Gender Inclusive Bathrooms on the Allendale and Robert C. Pew Campuses

Allendale Campus

Au Sable Hall (ASH)
          1st floor:  Male assigned multi-stall in main lobby with a women’s assigned by elevator, Gendered multi-stall East side of building.
          2nd Floor:  Male assigned multi-stall North side by stars, Women assigned multi stall South side by Sociology Department, Gendered multi-stall E side of building by stairs, Single user restroom North side of building behind Psychology Department.

Alexander Calder Fine Arts Center (CAC)
          Gendered Multi-stalls on North, West, and South (south in studio room 1422)

          Single-user restroom w/shower: Basement of Fieldhouse (B055)

Henry Hall (HRY)
          1st floor gendered multi-stall near south entrance
          2nd floor gendered muli-stall near south side
          3rd floor gendered multi-stall near elevator

Kirkhof Center (KC)
          Main Floor single user by lobby shop elevator
          2nd Floor single user end of hall on southwest wing of meeting rooms.

Lake Huron Hall (LHH)
          1st floor gendered multi-stall West side of building
          2nd floor gendered mulit-stall East side of building

Lake Ontario Hall (LOH)
          2nd Floor: multi-stall gendered on East side of building
          3rd Floor: multi-stall gendered on West side of building

Lake Michigan Hall (LHM)
          1st floor: South East Unisex, multi-stalled male assigned on the north and women assigned on the west.
          2nd floor: Male assigned multi-stalled on the West and women assigned multi-stalled on the East.

Lake Superior Hall (LSH)
          1st floor Single user North side of building, Multi-stall Women-assigned West side of building, Multi-stall Male-assigned North side of building
          2nd floor Multi-stall Women assigned NW corner of building by stairs, Multi-stall Male assigned West side by communications Department

Loutit Lecture Halls (LTT)
          Use restrooms in Henry Hall or Padnos Hall of Science

Mackinac Hall (MAK)
          1st Floor (ALL gendered multi-stall): near south entrance, A/B/C convergence, East B entrance, Manitou convergence and D/C/POD convergence.
          2nd Floor (ALL gendered multi-stall): near B main stairs, south A, C wing in Math hallway and C/D convergence
          3rd Floor: B wing in philosophy hallway has two gendered rest rooms
          4th Floor: This is the same as the third floor with two gendered rest rooms
          Lower Level: gendered multi-stall near B’s main stairs.

Manitou Hall (MAN)
          1st floor: gendered multi-stall near Man/Mak connection.
          Lower level: multi-stall gendered near south entrance/exit

Glenn A. Niemeyer Honors Hall (HON)
          1st Floor: gendered multi-stalls near north main entrance. Single bathroom on south end of building
          2nd Floor: gendered multi-stalls near north end

Seymour & Esther Padnos Hall of Science (PAD)
          1st floor Gendered multi-stall NW entrance of building by stairs
          2nd floor Gendered multi-stall NW corner by stairs
          3rd floor Gendered multi-stall NW corner by stairs

Performing Arts Center (PAC)
          Gendered dressing rooms on west side of building (1612-1614), multi-stall gendered bathroom on East side of building on east, gendered multi-stall on south west and gendered multi-stall north by theater

Robert C. Pew Campus
DeVos Center (Dev)
          Single-user restroom: B wing, north or right of the Steelcase Library Collaboration Zone

L.V. Eberhard Center (EBH)
          Single-user restroom: Seventh floor, Room 708 across from classroom 716

Cook-Devos Center for Health Sciences (CHS)
          Under construction summer 2015 - Single-user restroom: Third floor, Room 381 (turn left off elevator and then left again. Second door on left)

L. William Seidman Center
          Single-user restrooms: Third floor, Rooms 3216 and 3218

Annis Water Resources Institute in Muskegon
Field Station
          Gendered Multi-stall each floor

Main Building
          Gendered Multi-stall each floor

          No single user restrooms

Meijer Campus in Holland
No single user restrooms

Traverse City Regional Center
No single user restrooms

Detroit Center
Single-user restroom, first floor

***Please email the Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center at with any updates to this list.***