About Us


The LGBT FSA serves to improve the climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender faculty and staff members of the Grand Valley State University community through examination of current policies and practices and through the initiation and promotion of programs which will result in a more equitable and supportive environment.

Former steering committee members

LGBT FSA goals:

To effectively represent and promote a campus climate that is sensitive, representative, and fair to all LGBT people. 

To provide support and input in the fair recruitment or hiring and retention or promotion of LGBT students, faculty, staff, and administrators on campus. 

To work collaboratively with other units and organizations to respond proactively the many needs of the growing LGBT student body

Establish and maintain positive and safe channels of communication between University administration and LGBT faculty and staff on issues of concern to the community.


Current initiatives include:

  • Promotion of LGBT University Endowment Fund
  • Administer and award the LGBT FSA grant tin partnership with CSCE
  • Establish a faculty/staff to student mentoring program
  • Partnering with the LGBT center on programming

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