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About Us

The LGBT FSA serves to improve the climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender faculty and staff members of the Grand Valley State University community through examination of current policies and practices and through the initiation and promotion of programs which will result in a more equitable and supportive environment.\


The LGBT FSA Goals

  • To encourage and promote scholarship, research and teaching that addresses questions relevant to LGBT persons and to all members of the university across disciplines concerned with understanding the role of sexual orientation in culture and society.
  • To help faculty across the university develop pedagogical approaches that are sensitive to the sexual diversity present both in our classrooms and in the larger community that will be served by the undergraduates and graduates we are preparing for professional service.
  • To help faculty and staff across the university understand and model behaviors that contribute to making GVSU a productive learning and working environment for gay and lesbian employees and students.
  • To foster retention of LGBT faculty and staff.
  • In the spirit of the university's desire to establish a diverse community, the Association shall seek to provide support and guidance for the University regarding issues that affect the well being of LGBT employees of the University.

Our History

In the Summer of 2006 a group of faculty and staff were brought together by Vice President Pat Oldt to explore the creation of a LGBT faculty/staff association.  Recommendations were made by this initial foundation committee, which were accepted by Vice President Oldt. 

The next major step was the establishment of bylaws, which were composed during the 2006 - 2007 academic year, quickly followed by the first election of the Steering Committee in Winter 2007. 

Following the election, the board members met to establish officers and commenced work on a number of initiatives including the development of a community website and a new faculty/staff mentoring program.