Kutsche Office of Local History

Muskegon Heritage Museum

Muskegon Heritage Museum
Supervisor:  Anne Dake
Location:  561 W. Western Avenue, Muskegon, MI 49441

If interested, please email your resume and cover letter to Kutsche@gvsu.edu

We are looking for an intern to assist with museum operations, tours, cataloging the collection and educational activites.

Skill Sets Required
*An interest in history and museum work, particularly local history
* Computer skills
*Comfortable working with the public and students of all ages
*Someone who can work as a member of a team\

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
The museum is open from mid-May to mid-October on Fridays and Saturdays.  We do work all winter on selected days and host tours and school groups by appointment.  The intern would have the opportunity to participate in most aspects of the museum operation, including meeting our visitors, providing tours, and doing demonstrations.  We are als9o cataloging the entire collection using Past Perfect computer software, so an intern would have the opportunity to work on that project and learn the software.

The Muskegon Heritage Museum will provide training in the following areas:
*Orientation and training in museum operations, including operating the front desk, providing tours and operating the museum equipment in the exhibits.  
*The intern will also have a chance to learn the Past Perfect 5 Museum Management program and our procedures for archiving and cataloging the items in the museum collection.  

The Kutsche Office will provide training in the following areas:
*The application and interview process
* Archival Logistic DVD/Lectures/Training Manual


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