Kutsche Office of Local History

Kentwood Historic Preservation Commission Internship

Kentwood Historic Preservation Commission Internship

Supervisor Information:  Esther Middlewood OR Lisa Golder

If interested please e-mail your cover letter and resume to kutsche@gvsu,edu

Location: Kentwood Branch Library
4950 Breton SE Kentwood,
MI 49508
Heritage Room-2
nd Floor

The Kentwood Historic Preservation Commission’s mission is to engage in and encourage others to engage in the preservation of historic resources within the community for the benefit of both present and future generations.  Over the past several years the Commission has been working on a compilation of Oral Histories and Photographs.  The Kentwood Heritage Room in Kent District Library, Kentwood Branch, houses these resources.  

This project comes with measurable goals, including conducting at least one interview monthly.  If the intern does not have the skills necessary for transcribing the taped interviews, the requirement for actual interviews will increase.  Training in the use of the recording equipment, preparation of questions, and conducting interviews will be provided.  The degree of training required will be determined by the intern’s experience and background.

Steps in Processing:

Make initial contact with subject and complete a preliminary questionnaire by telephone.
Schedule the interview at a time/place convenient for the intern and the subject (subject’s home, Heritage Room, some other satisfactory location). Develop questions specifically for this particular interviewee with the assistance of the mentor (chair, KHPC).   Conduct interview and take photo of subject if agreeable.  Determine if there are any family photos or documents that might be of interest.

Transcribe interview – either done by intern or through the Planning Department, City of Kentwood.  Tape is digitized through the Planning Department.

Schedule second interview with subject to make any corrections, additions, or deletions.  Make changes on document, put in proper format, and index.  Photocopy for Heritage Room.  Deliver copy and digitized version to subject.

The intern will be working under the supervision of Esther Middlewood, chair of the Historic Preservation Commission, who is also a member of the Michigan Oral History Association.

The Kutsche Office will provide/train in the following areas:
*Archival Logistic DVD Lectures/Training Manual
*The application process & interview process


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