Welcome Home

Housing Move In Guide

Welcome Home

Grand Valley State University is more than just a place to learn. It’s a place to connect, a place to explore, a place to succeed, and a place to call home. And there’s no better way to do it all than by living on campus.

Students who live on campus get better grades and are more likely to graduate than those who don’t. You’ll enjoy a sense of community, lifelong friendships and connections, convenient access to classes and academic resources, on-campus employment opportunities, comfortable and welcoming living centers, campus beauty, academic support, healthy food, recreation opportunities, and more.

Thank you for choosing Grand Valley.
Welcome home.

Housing Assignment Information

Housing assignment information will begin posting in mid-June. You can access your room assignment and roommate contact information by following the steps below:

  1. Log in* to myBanner at mybanner.gvsu.edu
  2. Select “Student” and then select “MyHousing”
  3. Click “MyHousing Overview”
  4. Review the information under “My Assignments”

* To log in, you will need your student ID number and PIN number. Both are supplied in your letter of admission.

Changing Your Assignment

Housing assignments are based on the preferences and priorities you chose in your housing application, as well as the time at which your application was submitted. If you are interested in a different housing style, please visit gvsu.edu/roomchange to learn about our room change policy

If you are interested in a different housing style, please visit gvsu.edu/roomchange to learn about our room change policy.


We encourage you to contact your roommate prior to arrival. Open dialogue, communication of expectations, and compromise are key to successful roommate relationships.

Download Packing Checklist

A few questions to consider:

  • Who will bring what items?
  • What items can be shared?
  • What are your schedules like?
  • What are your study habits?

Digital cable TV service is included in the room rate for all campus housing. To take advantage of the digital channels, a TV with a QAM tuner and a coaxial cable is needed. It is imperative that you verify that your TV has a QAM tuner for it to be compatible with the cable television service on campus. To verify a QAM tuner for the TV you plan to bring to campus, please check the TV's owner manual or manufacturer's website. The cable channel line-up includes about 25 HD channels for those bringing HDTVs. Digital cable TV service is included in the room rate for all campus housing. To take advantage of the digital channels, a TV with a QAM tuner and a coaxial cable is needed. Most HD and digital TVs manufactured after 2006 include this tuner. To verify a QAM tuner for the TV you plan to bring to campus, please check the TV's owner's manual or manufacturer's website. The cable channel line-up also includes about 25 HD channels for those bringing HDTVs.

If you have a building, room, or facility issue, please visit gvsu.edu/housing/workorders to address it. Our on-campus maintenance service, includes plumbing, heating, water, and furniture (such as broken chairs and beds), as well as cable and internet issues. Each issue has a unique work order process. Visit the work order link to learn more.

Each building has access to its own laundry room with numerous washers and dryers. Each student has their own laundry card that will allow for a specific number of uses of the washer or dryer. All machines are card accessible, not coin operated.

The cost of laundry is included in the overall Housing payment. Students can add more to their card at designated machines. Laundry cards have to be returned at check-out.

You will have Internet access in your housing unit and WiFi throughout campus, as well as email kiosks and two large computer labs that are available for student use. Wireless routers are not allowed in campus housing buildings.

There is one mailbox per room or apartment. Find addresses at gvsu.edu/housing/.

Packages and mail items too large to be placed in the mailbox may be picked up at designated locations. You will be notified via your GVSU email address if you receive a package.

College is full of choices and what you eat is an important one. That’s why it’s good to know that whatever you choose to eat, and whenever you choose to eat it, we offer a variety of meal plans and dining facilities to fit your tastes, your waistline, and your budget.

Dining Locations

Dining locations are available throughout campus, with options near every campus housing location. From the Fresh Food Company in the center of the Allendale Campus to the Kleiner Commons, The Connection, and River Landing to the East and West, a variety of dining is conveniently available to you.

Meal Plans

Most meal plans provide a specific number of “meals” each week that can be used to purchase “meal combos,” as well as “debit dollars” that can be used for food purchases.

  • Meals can be used to purchase meal combos, which vary per dining location. You can use up to three meal combos per day depending on your plan, but they do not carry over to the next week.
  • Debit dollars work like a debit card, each time a purchase is made the money is subtracted from your account. All plans offer debit dollars. Unlike meal combos, unused debit dollars transfer from fall to winter semester, but do not transfer to a new academic year.

Either can be used with the barcode on your student ID. When your student ID is scanned, the meal or debit dollar amount is electronically deducted from your account. You can check your account with a cashier and add to it with a Visa® or MasterCard® at gvsu.edu/campusdine/.

Changing Your Meal Plan

You can change your Meal Plan during the first week of the fall and/or winter semester. Visit 100 Commons or gvsu.edu/campusdine to do so.

  • Arrival on Campus

    Campus police will direct you to the front of your assigned building. You will then drop off all of your belongings and check in.

  • Check In

    You will walk into your assigned building and provide your G-number/identification to receive your keys/access cards, laundry card, room inventory, and fun coupons and giveaways.

  • Unload

    If you arrive during your scheduled move-in time, Grand Valley volunteers will be on site to help you move your belongings into your assigned room. You will then have to park your vehicle before unpacking. This helpful service is not available for early or late arrivals.

  • Unpack

    Settle into your new space. Put away your belongings, hang up your clothes, etc. The housing staff will be on hand to assist with any questions you may have. This is also the time when you should be filling out your room inventories.

  • Room Inventories

    When you check in, you will be given an inventory list for your room. This document will make sure that you are not charged for damages you were not responsible for at the end of the year. Please fill this out and return it within 24 hours. You will not receive your laundry card until you return your room inventory. All University-issued furniture must remain in the housing unit.

  • Renter's Insurance

    All residents are encouraged to have renters insurance coverage or check coverage provided under their family's homeowners policy in the case that any major incidents occur.

  • Floor Meetings

    Check with your housing staff to make sure you make your floor meeting on time. This is mandatory for all students. It will explain some expectations, as well as resources. It is also a great place to meet new friends on your first day.

  • Test Your Dining Card

    Scan your student ID at one of the nearby dining locations to make sure your dining account is active.

  • Walk Your Route to Class

    Walking your route to class is a great way to get comfortable with the campus layout and ensure you will be on time to your first class.

  • Get Parking Pass

    If you will be parking on campus and have yet to get a parking pass, be sure to do so. Go to the Grand Valley Police Department in the Facilities Services building, located across the road from the Alumni House, near the main entrance.

  • Go Shopping

    You’ll always discover something you still need or would like to have. Hop on the free Campus Connector shuttle service for a ride right to Meijer® or make a quick drive into Allendale to shop. Also, purchase your books from the LakerStore in the Marketplace if you have not already done so.

Attend Transitions Events

After you move in, you will have three days of “Transitions” activities. The activities take place Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of Move-in Week. You will be assigned to a small group of students led by a Transitions Leader — an experienced Grand Valley student who will guide the group through various programs and activities.

The programs and activities will help:

  • Prepare you for the academic rigor of the university
  • Assist you in meeting people and making connections both in and out of the classroom
  • Provide you with an overall knowledge of the resources and services at Grand Valley

The Kirkhof Center

Two students playing pool at the Kirkhof center

The Kirkhof Center has been the focal point of campus activity for years and hosts a variety of social events. It offers dining options, resource centers, lounge areas, a game room, and even a movie theater.

The Mary Idema Pew Library

Students talking and studying at tables in the library

The Mary Idema Pew Library is a state-of-the-art informational hub recognized as a model for 21st century learning. With both quiet and collaborative spaces, including a knowledge marketplace, reading room, innovation zone, and café, the library is the perfect place to study or socialize.

Recreation Center

Female student lifting weights at the rec center
Two male students riding stationary bikes at the rec center

Working out on campus is more convenient than ever with the new 47,000-square-foot Recreation Center expansion, which more than doubled its size. It gives students more opportunities for informal recreation and features expanded cardio and weight space, three new basketball courts, and more.

Be sure to check out the Campus Maps to help you find your way around campus.

No matter where you live on campus, you’re part of something a lot bigger than just your living center. From diverse campus life programming to fulfilling volunteer opportunities to athletic events and recreation, you’ll discover a sense of community, belonging, and purpose that is sure to enrich your academic, social, and personal life.

And make sure to attend Campus Life Night on the Tuesday after Labor Day in the Fieldhouse. There you’ll learn about nearly 500 registered student organizations on campus, campus resources, and local businesses and nonprofits.

The students hiking some campus trails in the woods
Student climing the wall at the climbing center