Current Issue, Summer 2017


Goldilocks careers in supply chain management

The multifaceted profession is a hit with students who enjoy forming new relationships, working with numbers, analyzing data and discovering ways to cut costs.

Grand Valley’s integrated program gives students a competitive advantage in the workforce because it includes all three components of supply chain — procurement, operations and logistics.

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Centered for success

U.S. politics is a lot like a football game between the University of Michigan and Ohio State. They both have heated rivalries and hated opponents. Perhaps most importantly, both have a long history of tradition and continuity. Current events are playing a larger role at the Hauenstein Center, as a divisive national political climate and Donald Trump’s presidency draw more people into the political realm.

"I’ve been working to get people to study the presidency and read the Constitution for years, and now I can’t hand out enough copies." — Gleaves Whitney, director of the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies

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Play with power, march with pride

“The Pride of the Midwest” will mark its 40th anniversary season representing Grand Valley through pristine musicianship and showmanship this fall.

“We are on the same level of any other school in this nation because of our pageantry and the game day atmosphere the Laker Marching Band creates.” — John Martin, director of Athletic Bands

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Reach for the stars

In May at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston — 1,220 miles from Allendale — a professional diver tested a unique device that could be used for future space missions.

This device was special. It was designed and built by engineering students, who were selected by NASA to travel to Houston to give a presentation about their device. And their mission was successful.

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