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Policies and Procedures

Graduate Education Policies & Procedures Manual

Graduate Studies Policies & Procedures Manual

Exception to Policy Requests

    The student must complete the appropriate Petition for Exception form as provided on The Graduate School website.

  • Petition for Exception to Twelve-credit Limit Prior to Admission to a Graduate Program
  • Petition for Exception to Eight-year Time Limit to Degree Completion
  • Petition for Exception to Graduate Student Policies
  • Graduate Late Withdrawal Request
  • Leave of Absence
  • Credit Overload
  • Petition to Return

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Graduate Advising Guidebooks

The Graduate School worked with departments and individuals across campus to create an Advising Guidebook for Graduate Students and the Faculty and Staff Advising Guidebook:

Graduate Faculty Policies & Applications


  • Policy on Adjunct Faculty Engaged in Graduate Education
  • Adjunct Faculty Application Form
  • Policy on Regular Faculty Engaged in Graduate Education

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