Courses for Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

Prerequisites Courses

All preprofessional coursework must be less than 5 years old at time of application and require a grade of 3.0 or higher, or equivalent, in the prerequisite courses. All preprofessional coursework must be completed with a grade of a "C" or higher.

Natural Sciences

Social Sciences

  • Students must complete a minimum of 9 credits from the social sciences, to include:

o    3 credits in life-span developmental psychology (PSY 364), including motor, cognitive, emotional, learning and social development

o    3 credits in abnormal psychology or psychopathology (PSY 303)

o    3 credits, choice of a course from sociology, psychology, cultural anthropology, public health, or other related fields

  • Students must complete a minimum of 10 credits in the life sciences, including anatomy (and anatomy lab) and physiology (either BMS 202 or BMS 290, and BMS 208 and BMS 309; or BMS 250 and BMS 251), and one course in neuroscience (neuroanatomy - BMS 427, or neuropsychology - PSY 431, or physiological psychology - PSY 430) and one course in kinesiology (MOV 300) or similar course covering movement science. Additionally, it is highly recommended that applicants have a basic statistics course.

Course Requirements

The content in the new curricular framework is developmentally sequenced for each semester, beginning with introductory concepts related to the history and evolution of OT principles, followed by the evolution of practice areas and opportunities for interventions within these practice areas. Level I fieldwork is included as a part of each semester as well as research and selected electives.

Fall I
OT 502 Theoretical Perspectives in Occupational Therapy 3 cr.
OT 551 Meaningful Living Through Occupation 3 cr.
OT 552 Meaningful Living Laboratory 3 cr.
OT 553 Level I Fieldwork (Part 1) 2 cr.
STA 610 Statistics for the Health Professions 3 cr.
OT 557 Research Design 2 cr.
  Total: 16 cr.


Winter I
OT 505 Limitations on Occupation 3 cr.
OT 558 Mental Health in Occupational Therapy 2 cr.
OT 559 Mental Health Laboratory 1 cr.
OT 561 Child & Adolescent Practice 3 cr.
OT 562 Child and Adolescent Laboratory 2 cr.
OT 563 Level I Fieldwork (Part 2) 1 cr.
OT 564 Occupational Therapy Research Methods 2 cr.
  Total: 14 cr.


Spring/Summer I
OT 503 Group Practice in Occupational Therapy 2 cr.
OT 571 Adult Practice 3 cr.
OT 572 Adult Laboratory 3 cr.
OT 573 Level I Fieldwork (Part 3) 1 cr.
HPR 693/695 OT Research Project OR Master's Thesis 2 -OR- 3 cr.
PA 535 Grant Writing 3 cr.
  Total: 14-15 cr.


Fall II
EDH 648 The Adult Learner 3 cr.
OT 555 Professional Socialization in Occupational Therapy 3 cr.
OT 565 Occupational Therapy Services Administration 3 cr.
OT 651 Older Adult Practice 3 cr.
OT 652 Older Adult Laboratory 3 cr.
OT 653 Level I Fieldwork (Part 4) 1 cr.
  Total: 16 cr.


Winter II
OT 660 Level II Fieldwork (Part 1) 9 cr.


Spring/Summer II
OT 661 Level II Fieldwork (Part 2) 9 cr.
OT 698 Capstone 1 cr.
    Total: 10 cr.


TOTAL CREDITS: 79-80 cr.



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