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What are Fellowships?

Nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships are highly selective funding opportunities for bright and talented students to pursue study, research, public or foreign service, and more, at both the undergraduate and graduate level in the U.S. and abroad. They fund exceptional learning experiences as a means of attaining larger educational and career goals. Students who receive these awards are recognized for their previous track records of stellar academic performance, outstanding leadership, service (campus, local, state, national, and international levels), and involvement, research, foreign language acquisition, and more. Importantly, they are often springboards to even greater opportunities!

Do You...

  • have big dreams for your future?
  • desire to make a profound difference in this world through your talents, strengths, passions, and interests?
  • want to lead a life of extraordinary consequence?

If so, explore the opportunities in our office to learn more.

If you instead are looking for immediate funding, we encourage you to contact the GVSU Financial Aid Office to discuss your circumstances and/or peruse the following websites:

GVSU Scholarships Database

MoneySmart Lakers