Welcome to the Frederik Meijer Office of Fellowships!

Did you know that GVSU students and alumni have secured nearly $1,000,000 in nationally competitive awards over the last three years?

These prestigious awards are highly selective funding opportunities that can be for specific purposes such as studying abroad, conducting research, learning critical need languages, aspiring to pursue careers in public or foreign service, teaching English abroad, and more!

Mission Statement: "Advising and supporting students and alumni to achieve the extraordinary by matching their dreams to prestigious fellowship and scholarship awards and other opportunities."

Note: If you are looking to fund an immediate financial need, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

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The staff in the Frederik Meijer Office of Fellowships will help you Discover your strengths, talents and passions by matching potential opportunities with your strengths, interests, and ambitions; Dream about your future, the impact you want to leave on this world, and the contributions you want to make while a student at GVSU by helping you design an action plan to attain the fellowship goals you set; and shape your Destiny by providing guidance, encouragement, and endorsement through the award application process.