Exercise Science Program


The B.S. Exercise Science major is designed to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of how and why the human body responds to a single bout or regular bouts of physical activity or exercise.

The main foundations of exercise science are biomechanics, physiology, and psychology, and the program here at GVSU offers emphasis areas in Clinical Exercise Science and also Health Fitness Instruction.

Studying exercise science prepares students for careers in a wide range of employment areas ranging from clinical-focused jobs like an exercise physiologist working with cardiac rehabilitation patients in a hospital to a strength and conditioning coach working with professional or Olympic athletes. Exercise science is also a gateway degree to many exciting and worthwhile graduate and professional degree programs.

The program currently has over 1,000 undergraduate students, making it the 5th largest degree program at GVSU, and 10 full-time academic faculty.


Quick Fact:

93% of graduating students would recommend the exercise science program to a prospective student.

Page last modified June 3, 2014