If you have questions about any aspects of the exercise science program, please contact Dr Ross Sherman, who is the Program Coordinator.

All general admissions enquiries are handled by the GVSU Admissions Office.

Advising Guides

We have put together some advising guides based on if you are starting at GVSU straight from high school or transferring from a community college.

The high school plan does not factor in your ACT scores or any AP, dual enrollment or IB credits that you might be taking before starting at GVSU. This will be dealt with during new student orientation in the summer. The community college plans have been designed based on recent enrollment trends and cover students looking to transfer from Grand Rapids Community College, Lansing Community College, Muskegon Community College, and Schoolcraft College.




If you are looking to transfer from a community college not shown above, there are advising guides available through the Admissions Office.

Transfer Curriculum Guides

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