School of Engineering

Russel Kirkhof Engineering Scholarship

Russel Kirkhof was a self-taught electrician whose avid interest electricity and its applications led to the establishment of an internationally known engineering research and development company. This multi-faceted company, Kirkhof Electrical and Manufacturing Company, dealt primarily with manufacturing processes. His self-taught knowledge of engineering resulted in many practical solutions to problems that at first seemed to deny solution. His success can be attributed to his intense curiosity and inventiveness; two trademarks of a successful engineer and attributes the School of Engineering hopes to instill in each of its students. Approximately 10 scholarships of $1000 are awarded each year. These scholarships are renewable for up to $2000 per year for up to three additional years. These competitive scholarships have been established as part of the Kirkhof Endowment to support engineering education in west Michigan. 

To be eligible, a student must have:

  1. Applied for admission to GVSU prior to December 31
  2. A minimum 3.00 high school cumulative GPA
  3. An ACT math sub-score of at least 26 and an ACT composite of at least 23, and
  4. At least six units of high school math and science

Recipients will be selected by the Engineering Scholarship Committee from those students who meet the above qualifications and have been admitted to the University. Awards will be announced by the end of March. The scholarships are renewable on an annual basis, for up to six additional semesters, providing the recipient maintains the following level of scholarship: 

  1. Continues to be enrolled in engineering and carry a minimum of 15 credits each semester,
  2. Maintains a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA, and
  3. Successfully completes the engineering requirements for each academic year.

The Engineering Scholarship Committee monitors each recipient’s progress and notifies the Financial Aid Office of award renewal.

Page last modified December 3, 2013