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EMC I - Math and Circuits Foundations of EMC

EMC II - Electromagnetics Foundations of EMC

EMC III - Electromagnetic Waves, Transmission Lines and Antennas Foundations of EMC

EMC IV - EMC and PCB Design


EMC facility at 609 Watson Street

EMC Pre-compliance Testing

The EMC Center at GVSU offers the following services to local industry:


The EMC Center is located at 609 Watson Street in Grand Rapids,
just a few blocks west of GVSU's engineering building. This
4000-square-foot facility includes a seminar room and the EMC
pre-compliance lab.



  • Two screen rooms, one for conducted emissions, and another
    for conducted immunity testing
  • GTEM cell for radiated immunity and emissions testing
  • PCB emissions scanner
  • Transient measurement equipment
  • Several EMC antennas
  • Numerous measurement and debugging tools.

Future Additions

  • 12'x16'x10'6" semianechoic chamber for radiated emissions,
  • 10'x9'x8'6" reverberation chamber for radiated immunity.

EMC Design Support

In addition to the pre-compliance testing the EMC Center also offers:

  • Design reviews for schematic and PCB layout.
  • Diagnostic support.
  • EMC test plan development.

EMC Education

EMC Courses at GVSU:

EMC Courses for Local Industry

These courses can be taught at the EMC Center or at your company site.

About Dr. Adamczyk

Prof. Adamczyk is the director of the GVSU EMC Center
which supports EMC precompliance testing and EMC education.
He has been teaching electromagnetics and electromagnetic
compatibility for over fifteen years. Prior to joining GVSU,
Prof. Adamczyk worked for seven years in the automotive industry.

Prof. Adamczyk has taught EMC Certificate Courses for local
companies and has presented several EMC seminars. Most
recently, he taught electromagnetics at DHBW University in
Lörrach, Germany.

Prof. Adamczyk is an iNARTE-certified EMC Master Design engineer,
a founding member and the chair of the IEEE EMC Chapter of West Michigan.

He holds a BSEE and MSEE from the University of Nevada, Reno,
and a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from Oakland University in Michigan.  

Dr. Adamczyk



For more information contact:

  • Bogdan Adamczyk, Ph.D., N.C.E.
  • EMC Center Director
  • Electrical Engineering Chair
  • Professor of Engineering
  • (616) 331-7286




GTEM cell for radiated immunity and radiated emissions.

   GTEM cell for radiated immunity and radiated emissions

Screen room for conducted immunity.

Screen room for conducted immunity

Screen room for conducted emissions.


Screen room for conducted emissions

EMC research in progress.

EMC Test Vehicle

Semianechoic chamger for radiated emissions

Semianechoic chamber for radiated emissions (coming soon)

Reverberation chamber for radiated immunity (coming soon)


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