Classics is the study of ancient Greece and Rome - among the world's most exciting, important, and influential civilizations.

The program in Classics spans the many different aspects of the Greek and Roman world - its languages and literatures, its art and archaeology, its history, its religious and philosophical traditions, its social and legal forms - from the Bronze Age to the period of the late Roman Empire and early Christianity.

For students who pursue a major or minor, Classics provides a solid liberal arts education that will be useful in many careers and vital to the development of their full human capacity.

For students in other disciplines, Classics offers a valuable opportunity to investigate the works and traditions that have provided much of the background of their own chosen fields. Many find that working with the classical languages improves their skills as readers and writers.

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Please Note:

In 2015-16 the Department thoroughly revised the curriculum of the program in Classics. 

There are new and revised courses and simplified and restructured choices* in the major and minor. Click on the preceding links for details. 

*Generally speaking, changes in the major and minor apply only to students entering GVSU in 2016-17 and thereafter. Students with questions should consult their advisor.


The Wheelhouse Talks: Charles Pazdernik

What the ancients can tell us about overcoming obstacles.

GVSU Classics grads on the move

Recent alums' plans for 2016-17

GV Lanthorn: Stoics Week delves into philosophy of 'Harry Potter'

Stoics Week prompted participants to think about who they really are.

GV Lanthorn: Keeping Homer Alive

GVSU's fifth Homerathon showcased Homer's "Odyssey" and brought together the campus community.

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WGVU: Grand Valley Presents Euripides' Helen

March 27, 2017

WGVU's Scott Vander Werf interviews Prof. Diane Rayor about the GVSU Theatre production of her new translation of Euripides' Helen.

GVNow on Staging of "Helen"

March 14, 2017

Euripides' "Helen," first produced in 412 B.C., has been translated for modern audiences by Diane Rayor, professor of Classics, and will be performed by Grand Valley students March 24-April 2.

Dr. Diane Rayor Translating the Classics

January 24, 2017

Dr. Diane Rayor was interviewed by WGVU's Scott VanderWerf about her latest translation project.

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Professor Barbara Flaschenriem was a founding member of the Department of Classics and deeply invested in expanding access for promising students of Greco-Roman antiquity. The scholarship benefits Classics students with financial need.

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