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Our Academic Programs

Welcome to the GVSU School of Criminal Justice.  As part of the College of Community and Public Service at Grand Valley State University we are focused on increasing the understanding of justice based issues for students, practitioners, policymakers and community members.  The School of Criminal Justice offers undergraduate degree programs in criminal justice and legal studies as well as a graduate degree.   

Undergraduate Majors

Criminal Justice


Legal Studies

Legal Studies


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Undergraduate Minors

Criminal Justice

CJ Minor

Information Security Systems


Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice


Legal Studies



Graduate Program


Master's Criminal Justice

Graduate Program


Undergraduate and Graduate Coordinators

To learn more about our criminal justice undergraduate program, please contact:

Dr. Brian Johnson
SCJ Undergraduate Coordinator


To learn more about our legal studies program,
please contact:

Professor Ruth Stevens
Legal Studies Coordinator


To learn more about our criminal justice graduate program,
please contact:

Dr. Christopher Kierkus
SCJ Graduate Coordinator