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Kristine Botsford Mullendore


Kristine Botsford Mullendore
School of Criminal Justice/Legal Studies
Grand Valley State University
271- C DeVos Center
401 W. Fulton, St
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504-6431
Telephone: (616) 331-7147
Fax: (616) 331-7155

Professor Kristine Mullendore, JD is a former Assistant Kent County Prosecutor who has been a member of the School of Criminal Justice/Legal Studies Program faculty since August of 1995.  Her research and scholarship interests are varied and include diversity in the legal profession, civil law issues surrounding catastrophic terrorism, violence against women, and the sexual abuse of female inmates.  Professor Mullendore has been actively engaged in faculty leadership positions for the GVSU faculty in the Academic Senate serving as Chair for three years.  In addition, Professor Mullendore was awarded a Pew Teaching Excellence Award in 2005, and  the CCPS Outstanding Service Award in 2011.


Recent Publications

Journal Articles:

“A Leadership Approach to Criminal Justice Education: Developing Tomorrow’s Decision Makers”. Second author with Dr. Brian Kingshott. Dr. Frank Hughes, and Dr. Johan Prinsloo. Criminal Justice Studies 21; 1, 61-77 (2008).

Book Contributions/Chapters and Encyclopedia Entries:

Mullendore, K. (2011). The courts.  In Justice and Society, 1st Edition (305-360). Grand Rapids MI:  School of Criminal Justice, Grand Valley State University.

 Mullendore, K. (2011). Getting tenure and redressing denial. In E. Lenning, S. Brightman, and S. Caringella (Eds.), Navigating the rites of passage. New York, NY: Routledge.

Encyclopedia of Social Problems (2008) edited by Vincent Parillo. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Press. “Reasonable Suspicion.”

“Legal Aspects of Emergency Situations” in NATO AND TERRORISM: On Scene: New Challenges for First Responders and Civil Protection (2007) Springer; The Netherlands.  Eds. Steinhäusler, F. and Edwards, F., NATO Scientific Publication Series (Conference Proceeding materials written with co-author Dr. James David Ballard noted below have been incorporated into this book in sections 2.4.1 – 2.4.10 at pp 32-44).











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