School of Criminal Justice

Carly Hilinski-Rosick

Carly Hilinski-Rosick
Associate Professor
School of Criminal Justice
Grand Valley State University
251-C DeVos
401 W. Fulton                         
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Telephone: (616)-331-7169
Fax: 616-331-7155
Dr. Hilinski-Rosick joined the GVSU faculty in 2007.  She received her B.A. in Criminology/Pre-Law from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in Indiana, PA.  She also completed her M.A. and Ph.D., both in Criminology, at IUP.

Dr. Hilinski-Rosick's research interests include victimology, particularly crimes against women, assessing the relationships between fear of crime and individual behaviors and attitudes, and crime on the college campus.  Most recently, she finished her dissertation research that focused on fear and victimization of college students.  Dr. Hilinski-Rosick's teaching at GVSU includes justice and society and corrections, and she is also involved in the graduate program.
Recent Publications

Freiburger, T.L. & Hilinski, C.M. (forthcoming).  An examination of the interactions of race and     gender on sentencing decisions using a trichotomous dependent variable.  Crime and  Delinquency.

Freiburger, T.L. & Hilinski, C.M. (2010).  The impact of race, gender, and age on the pretrial decision.  Criminal Justice Review, 35, 318-344.

Freiburger, T.L. & Hilinski, C.M. (2011). Probation officers recommendations and final sentencing outcomes.  Journal of Crime and Justice, 34, 45-61.

Hilinski, C.M. (2010).  The role of victim-offender relationships in predicting fear of rape among college women.  Criminal Justice Studies, 23, 147-162.

Hilinski, C.M. (2009). Fear of crime among college students: A test of the shadow of sexual assault hypothesis.  American Journal of Criminal Justice, 34, 84-102.

Hilinski, C.M., *Neeson, K.E., & *Andrews, H. (2011).  Examining the fear of crime among college women, in their own words.  Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice, 8, 112-127.

Lee, D.R., Hilinski, C.M., & Clevenger, S.L. (2009). The contribution of female independence and gender equality to rape in metropolitan areas.  International Journal of Social Inquiry, 2, 177-198.

Lee, D.R. & Hilinski-Rosick, C.M. (forthcoming).  The role of lifestyle and personal characteristics on fear of victimization among university students.  American Journal of Criminal Justice.

Marcum, C.D., Hilinski-Rosick, C.M., & Freiburger, T.L. (forthcoming).  Examining the correlates of male and female inmate misconduct.  Security Journal.

* denotes a graduate student




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