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Closed Course Information

What to do if  you want to register for a closed course

If the course you want to register for is closed, you need to realize that the class may be at maximum room capacity and no space is available to add another student. You may continue to watch for seats to open in the class as there is a lot of time between the advanced registration period and the start of the semester. Another option is to request a closed course permit from the department. However you should have a valid reason or circumstance for why you need that course and section in that particular semester.
There is not one universal policy when requesting a closed class permit. Below are a few of the ways departments may handle the process. Consult the department offering the class to determine the best strategy for asking for a closed class permit.

1. Some departments will handle the closed class permits from within their own office. In this scenario, there may be a form for the student to fill out or you may simply need to speak to the chair of the department to see if you may be added to a course.

For College of Community & Public Service departments, submit an override request form and indicate "other" reason and explain what you are requesting and why.

2. Many departments will leave the decision up to the instructor who will be teaching the course. Contact the department first to see if this is the process and then contact the instructor to see about obtaining a closed class permit.
3. There are a few departments who keep waitlists in the departmental office. You can sign up for the waitlist and will be notified if you will be given a closed class permit.
Please note: The CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center does not have the authority to grant closed class permits.


Page last modified February 3, 2014