Team Against Bias

I Speak Up Against Bias because...

It is ignorant for us as human beings to not get along because racial/ethnic backgrounds, gender or sexual orientation and even skin color.

- Jamar Ragland, Sophomoer, Criminal Justice


Bias Incident Card

Mission: The Mission of the Team Against Bias, which is comprised of diverse campus representatives, is to review information regarding bias incidents and implement strategies to educate, engage and inform the campus community.


The Team Against Bias (TAB) exists for the following purposes:

  • TAB is designed to review available information regarding bias incidents and implement strategies to educate and/or engage the campus community as appropriate.
  • TAB does not take the place of front-line staff who may be dealing with education or response on a micro level (i.e. housing staff in residential facilities, counseling center staff dealing with a victim, etc.).
  • The work of TAB is both preventative and responsive.  The team consists of a core group of members, but remains flexible to pull others in as needed.
  • The immediate goals of TAB are to provide training to the entire campus community and to facilitate collaboration among various people/offices/units.

Page last modified December 9, 2014