Assessment and Accreditation at
Grand Valley State University

An integral part of GVSU's commitment to creating and sustaining a quality educational environment, the Office of Assessment and Accreditation focuses on ensuring the University as a whole and all of its many components maintain the highest levels of accreditation for which they are eligible, as well as on promoting effective teaching and learning across all disciplines, schools, departments and programs.

In collaboration with faculty and student committees and the University's administration, the Office directs a comprehensive institutional assessment program spanning all campuses, including evaluation of learning outcomes and the student-faculty learning experience. Among the Office's objectives is improving both, using data acquired from far-ranging and in-depth assessment activities that span all campuses and teaching-learning interactions. The Office plays an expanding and essential role in preparing and presenting reports to a range of internal and external constituents, including students, faculty, parents, employers, legislators, the University's Board of Trustees and national accrediting bodies about the processes and outcomes of the educational enterprise.

The objective of the Office's accreditation activities is to ensure that all educational programming provided by GVSU meets or exceeds the levels of quality prescribed by national and regional accrediting bodies. The Office plays many roles in these accreditation processes to ensure new accreditations are secured and existing accreditations are maintained on a timely, efficient basis, including monitoring institutional compliance with accreditation requirements on an ongoing basis.

  • identify and review existing institutional assessment approaches and strategies:
  • communicate findings broadly within campus community regarding existing and needed assessments;
  • identify and review accreditation schedules and requirements for all programs, departments and other programmatic units of the University;
  • align accreditation and assessment requirements to achieve economies of scale and synergies, wherever possible;
  • provide assistance to faculty and administrators with the design of coordinated assessment activities campus-wide
  • work collaboratively with the University Assessment Committee to ensure meaningful and relevant assessment practices at the University

Chris Plouff, Ed.D.
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Assessment, Accreditation, and Planning


Page last modified December 14, 2016