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West Michigan Archaeology

West Michigan Archaeological Field School
Focus of the 2016 GVSU field school will be on doing archaeological field work to develop a National Register of Historic Places District nomination for a series of important archaeological sites located on the Muskegon River. Over 70 years of archaeological research in the area yielded evidence of occupation by Native Americans for at least 5,000 years.  This field school will train students in a variety of archaeological field methods including pedestrian, shovel testing, GIS and geophysical survey, test excavation, data recording and preliminary analysis of remains from a variety of sites including an earthen enclosure, a village site, small camp sites, burial mounds and cache pit sites.  The data collected will become a key part of the information required for the National Register nomination that will be prepared during the fall in a cultural resources management course offered at GVSU. More info about West Michigan Archaeology!

New Zealand Cultural

Auckland and Wilderland, New Zealand
Ecovillages and co-housing communities are planned intentional communities with a sustainability focus. These communities are found in both urban and rural locations and share an emphasis on both social, environmental, and economic sustainability. In order to achieve these objectives, these communities experiment with various ecological designs, permaculture, ecological building, green production, alternative energy systems, as well as methods of community building. Green communities like these are the fastest growing type of intentional communities in New Zealand. This program will introduce students to the sustainability movement with an emphasis on hands-on experience. Students will spend a total of four weeks visiting and living at different communities and participating in their daily lives and sustainability efforts. While students will be visiting several communities, the two extended stay sites will be 1) Earthsong Eco-Neighborhood in Waitakere City (West Auckland) and 2) Wilderland near Whitianga on the Coromandel Peninsula. More info about New Zealand Cultural!

United Kingdom Bio-anthropology

London, United Kingdom
This program will offer you the opportunity to collect data from historic period skeletal remains housed at the Museum of London. You will learn how to take skeletal measurements, conduct statistical analysis of data, and to write for learned journals in the field of physical anthropology. Field trips to sites such as the Mary Rose Museum and Sutton Hoo add insight to your knowledge of the historic period and its effect on remains. In addition, you'll explore the myths and rituals of ancient and contemporary British culture through visits to other significant locations such as the Tower of London and Stonehenge. More info about United Kingdom Bio-anthropology!

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