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Fall 2017 Anthropology Internship Workshop:  Friday, Nov. 17, 12:30-1:30, Anthropology Lab, 231 LMH


Call for Applications:  Winter 2018 Bethany Internships  Application Deadline:  November 27, 2017.  

Refugee Adult and Family Programs, Bethany Christian Services of Michigan, Grand Rapids. Supervision will be provided by the student's GVSU Anthropology mentor and a Bethany site supervisor, with guidance from program coordinators at Bethany.

There are a range of activities and responsibilities in which interns can engage, depending on the student’s capabilities and interests, including:

1.  Cultural Education, Curriculum-Focused: At Bethany Christian Services, Refugee Adult and Family Programs, staff provide a variety of services designed to help refugee families better acclimate to their new life in the United States.  Currently, Bethany is developing resources for enhanced cultural education that would be provided for refugees in our post-resettlement program. Topics for cultural education include financial literacy, US laws, and parenting in the US. The student will work alongside Bethany’s Cultural Education Coordinator to contribute to the development of these classes. She/he will update current material, help ensure that classes are effective, and make improvements where necessary. This position will entail the majority of time spent in the office at Bethany, although shadowing some of the cultural education class sessions initially would be helpful.

2.  Research: The student will conduct research on cultural orientation (CO) to better the services provided to refugees in the post-resettlement program at Bethany. This may include researching assimilation of refugees to U.S. culture in the West Michigan area.  Other areas of exploration may include the effectiveness of cultural orientation, best practices nationwide for CO frequency, instruction/delivery, orientation topics, and other factors impacting attendance and content comprehension.

3.  Cultural Orientation, Emphasis on Meeting Clients’ Needs: The student will be matched with a specific refugee adult or family to provide individualized assistance on a weekly basis, utilizing interpreters as needed.  Topics and activities will vary depending on the individual/family's needs, education level, and interests.  This may include helping the client with transportation, and helping them to understand U.S. laws and cultural norms.  The student will help remove barriers for the individual/family so that they can better receive services at Bethany.

How to apply:  Candidates must be hard-working, well organized, and able to work both independently and as a member of a team.  To be considered, please submit (1) a cover letter detailing which internship interests you and why you are a good candidate for the position, (2) the name of a faculty member who can serve as a reference, (3) an unofficial copy of your transcript to Tara Hefferan, Anthropology Department, 231 Lake Michigan Hall.  The deadline to apply:  Monday, November 27, 2017 by 5:00 PM.

Questions can be sent to Internship Coordinator Tara Hefferan (


Anthropology Internship Program

The department offers a range of internship opportunities through its ANT 490 course. The objective of the internship program is to acquaint students with the work of research libraries, museums, community organizations, government agencies, and other cultural institutions in order to enhance students' knowledge of sources, research methodologies, institutional cultures, and work environments. This course helps anthropology students prepare to enter professional employment by working under a site supervisor who provides on-the-job training in a variety of work situations related to anthropology. 
ANT 490 Syllabus (.doc)

Internship Portfolio Checklist (pdf)
Describes the objectives, logistics and requirements for an internship.

ANT 490 Work Plan Form and Instructions (doc)
Students fill out the Work Plan Form and attach 1) a statement of job responsibilities and expected products related to the site responsibilities, and educational goals related to the internship. As a minimum academic requirement, the internship requires that the student maintain an academic journal, submit a one-page Internship Report describing her or his experience, a reflection essay, and an updated résumé.

Anthropology Internship Resources 
There are many internship opportunities available to GVSU anthropology students.  This document lists possible internship sites, as well as other resources, to help students identify internships of interest. 

Internship and Career

Guide Books
(pdf) Resources for students to explore practical training and career paths in Anthropology. These books are available at GVSU.

Search for a Community Nonprofit Organization Use the site to search for regional organizations that serve the community.

American Anthropological Association Summer Internship Program The American Anthropological Association offers two internship opportunities funded by member donations during summer months. Internships are six weeks; although like many internships, they are unpaid; however; interns are provided housing and a meal/travel stipend. Eligibility: Undergraduate students in their junior or senior year; or first Year Graduate students.

Search for an Internship  Click on "Search for an Internship" to explore job and internship resources provided by the GVSU Career Center. In addition, the Anthropology Department keeps a database of organizations where students have interned previously.

Anthropology Internship Resources and Opportunities
When we learn about new internships, we post them here.

For Community Partners
(download the form) Fill our a "Community Partner" form if you would like to provide us with contact information which will go into our Internship Database for students to review as they consider potential internship placements.
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•    Meghan Forest, (2016) (Schwartz)
•    Meredith Ament, Moose (L) UP Redemption Club (2015) (Wroblewski)
•    Katharine Steinke, Grand Rapids Public Museum (2015) (Arnold)
•    Brooke Engel, Lakeshore Museum (2015) (Arnold)
•    Christopher Doleshal, Bethany Christian Services (2014) (Wroblewski)
•    Valerie Clanton, West Michigan Refugee Education and Cultural Center (2014) (Hefferan)
•    Jeremy Coldicott, Grand Rapids Public Museum (2014) (Schwartz)
•    Elizabeth Bush, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary (2014) (Schwartz)
•    Megan Roche, Opening Village Doors Foundation (2014) (Weibel)
•    C. Brokenshire, Grand Rapids Public Museum (2013) (Madden)
•    Katie Ahlers, Grand Rapids Public Museum (2012) (Weibel)
•    Judy Bailey, Newaygo County Museum (2012) (Rhoads)
•    Rebecca Alberda, Fulton Street Farmers Market (2012) (Rhoads)
•    Rachel Hawks, Women at Risk International (WAR) (2012) (Rhoads)
•    Nicole Schwab, Zumberge Library Collections Management (2012) (Rhoads)
•    Dani Negus, Hispanic Center of Western Michigan (2012) (Rhoads)
•    Sarah McCormick and Alyssa Hoff, Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum in Muskegon (2011) (Rhoads and Schwartz)
•    Amy Akers, Kent County Health Department (KCHP) (2011) (Molla)
•    Melinda Miller, MapleCreek Cemetery in Grand Rapids (2011) (Madden)
•    Mara Deckinga, Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum (2011) (Schwartz)
•    Lori Hotary, Faurecia Automotive-Shanghai, China (2011) (Rhoads)
•    Claire Kosanke, Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment
•    Water Bureau (2010) (faculty advisor Molla)
•    Jesse Sieminski, Fulton Street Farmers Market (2010) (Rhoads)
•    Steven Iveson, Center for Inquiry, Michigan (2009) (Rhoads)
•    Jessica Chadwick, Grand Rapids Public Museum (2009) (Schwartz)
•    Melanie Coughlin, Muskegon County Museum (2009) (Schwartz)
•    Kristina Venlet, Grand Rapids Public Museum (2009) (Schwartz)
•    Alexandra Van Pelt, Fulton Street Farmers Market (2009) (Rhoads)
•    Alexander Atkin, Fulton Street Farmers Market (2009) (Rhoads)
•    Jordan Karsten, Shannon Larsen, and Steve Do (2009) (Madden)
•    Anne Leightner, Whitney Smith, and Laurie Seeberg (2009) (Van Wormer)
•    Carl Sjostrand, Archaeological Work for the Student Conservation Association
•    Gregory Johnson , Archaeological Work for the Student Conservation Association
•    Jessica Eason, Grand Rapids Public museum working on a "moth eradication" project  - for clothes the ethnographic and historical clothing & textile collection.
•    Ashley Stillwell, Grand Rapids Public Museum (2009) (Schwartz) worked on NAGPRA issues

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