Anthropology Department

Dr. Michael Wroblewski


Assistant Professor

Office: 1154 Au Sable Hall

Dr. Wroblewski is a linguistic and cultural anthropologist who received his PhD from the University of Arizona in 2010. His research in Amazonian Ecuador combines cultural and linguistic anthropological approaches to the study of indigeneity, ethnolinguistic identity, and power and inequality. He examines the local articulation of national multiculturalist policies by members of Amazonian Kichwa communities, who are currently working to revitalize their native culture and language. His research contributes to a broader study of indigenous experiences within the contemporary Latin American sociopolitical order, focusing on the politics of language shift, planning, and ideology, interculturality, and self-representation in indigenous media. Dr. Wroblewski teaches Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Language and Culture, and is scheduled to teach Anthropology of Indigenous Latin America and Advanced Cross Cultural Linguistics.
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