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Links to the applicationsFlanders  |  Koch |  Quimby   Applications due March 1st!

The Departmental Office is located at 231 Lake Michigan Hall.  During business hours, Cindy Zehner (Unit Coordinator) assists majors and students whatever their needs.  You can reach the Office by calling 331-2325, or e-mail Cindy at: zehnerc@gvsu.edu.

Student Scholarships 2015: The Flanders, Koch, and the new Quimby scholarship forms are now available online. All full-time students can apply for the three. Part-time students can apply for the Koch scholarship only. These scholarships are based on several selection criteria, including grades, interests and activities related to anthropology, and financial need.  In addition to all full-time students, the new Quimby scholarship encourages Native American students to apply. Typically, each year a dozen or so students benefit from these scholarships. You could be one of these.

The applications are due March 01, 2015. You will need to fill out the application form, and have a faculty member fill out a brief recommendation form. These, and your transcripts, are sent to the Financial Aid Office. Be sure to speak to your faculty adviser about the recommendation at least one week ahead of the March 01 deadline.

The Anthropology Club: 

The Anthropology Club is open to all majors, minors, and interested students. This student-run organization works with Lambda Alpha Honor Society sponsoring speakers, fund-raising events, and participate in local, regional, and national meetings of Anthropology.  The Club is also involved in local and international community service projects.

Visit the Anthropology Club Facebook for more information, current events, and meeting times.

Student Scholars Day:

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Lambda Alpha-Beta National Honor Society - 2013 Ceremony


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