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March 2018

LMC Activities

Alan Mock, graduate student working with Carl Ruetz, successfully passed his Qualifying Exam on March 26th.

Katie Knapp and Anthony Weinke attended a workshop titled “Introduction to Open Science Framework” at the Idema - Pew Library on the Allendale campus on March 26th.

Al Steinman was an invited panelist for 2 separate MSU events.  One on February 26th was on water security and the other on March 24th was on the future of Michigan’s Environment.

Al Steinman participated in a “trolley tour” with US Senator Peters on March 9th.  The theme was Muskegon Lake as a future port.

Al Steinman participated in a Water Summit meeting of the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly on March 13th.  The group is putting together a conference to be held in Big Rapids in April 2019 with the goal of being proactive with response to future pressures in the watershed.

Al Steinman chaired the Environmental Committee meeting of the Community Foundation for Muskegon County on March 15th.

Al Steinman met with Dan Schoonmaker of the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum on March 19th.

Al Steinman attended the West Michigan Watershed Coalition Focus Group at the Ottawa Conservation District on March 20th.

Al Steinman was an invited panelist on “the Future of Water” at the GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum), hosted by the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, on March 27th.  This panel discussion was in conjunction with the presentation of commissioned art pieces about the Great Lakes by artist Alexis Rockman.

Kevin Strychar participated in the annual GVSU Regional Math and Science Center’s Science Olympiad on the topic of Meteorology on March 17th.

Janet Vail attended the GLOBE North American Regional Meeting at Purdue University from March 27th – 29th.  She has been appointed to the GLOBE U.S. Partner Forum.