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Postdocs move on

Postdocs move on

Dave Janetski will be leaving AWRI in August after accepting a new position as Assistant Professor of Applied Aquatic Ecology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  He will teach Principles of Ecology and Evolution this fall, and hopefully in the future will teach Fish Biology and/or Aquatic Ecology.  Dave’s area of research will be responses of fish populations and communities to human activities (such as hydraulic fracturing) and non-native species.  Dave has been a postdoctoral research associate in Carl Ruetz’s lab the past three years, studying spatial and temporal patterns of fish communities in west Michigan. This includes research aimed at improving understanding of inter-annual population trends in game fish, namely yellow perch, as well as spatial patterns in fish community structure among drowned river mouth lakes. Dave has also been involved with projects related to macroinvertebrate community structure, invertebrate settling rates in streams, and zooplankton abundance in river mouth lakes to assess the potential for Asian carp invasion.

Geraldine Nogaro departed AWRI in March 2014 after accepting a new position as a Researcher of Aquatic Ecology for the Research and Development division of the French Electricity Company (Electricite de France-EDF) located in the suburbs of Paris, France. She is currently working on a research project to better understand the development of aquatic plants in the major rivers of France (Seine, Rhone, Loire, Garonne), where nuclear power plants are located. Extensive growth of aquatic plants, including invasive species, can potentially affect the water intake of electricity power plants so it it is critical to understand the environmental factors controlling their growth. Geraldine was a postdoctoral research in Al Steinman's lab for 2 and 1/2 years, studying the influence of benthic invertebrates and invasive mussels on nutrient cycling and water quality in Muskegon Lake. She was also involved in studying the effects of restoration practices such as alum treatment in nutrient-enriched muck fields.

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