Workday Training Overview

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The Workday Training Kickoff occurred in October 2023. Review the PowerPoint, and/or watch the recording.

Workday Training will occur November 2023 through January 2024 and beyond. 


Workday training will occur in a variety of formats:


You will also find help text within the activity workflows in Workday.


Workday Training will be categorized by roles and job responsibilities including:

  • All Employees​
    • Hourly Employees
    • Benefits Eligible Employees
    • Student Employees
  • Managers ​
  • Financial Oversight
  • Job Responsibilities:
    • Recruiting
    • Ordering Supplies
    • Entering Expenses
    • Etc.


As we look ahead to Fall 2023, we are preparing to deliver Workday training. We have drafted a training strategy and formed the Workday Training Team, including these members:

  • Information Technology: Dave Bengry, Belinda Boardman, Josh Marko, Nick Nelson
  • Finance: Audra Courtade, Erica Herwig, Stacey Lefevre, Karen Mushong, Heather White
  • Human Resources: Chelsea Best, Lindsey DesArmo, Natalie Trent, Joseph VanArendonk
  • e-Learning: Steph Balaskas
  • Student Employment: Katelyn Johnson

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