Hourly Time Entry

Workday time tracking is an innovative time-and-attendance application that is ​available anytime, anywhere.

The time-entry application delivers an engaging experience that drives user adoption across the GVSU workforce, giving the university the ability to streamline time-entry and approval processes.  Employees and managers can now quickly and efficiently enter and approve time, allowing them to focus on their work and add more value to the GVSU community. ​

Please visit the Time Tracking page for additional training and resources. 

Self-Service Time Entry

Employees and managers can enter and manage time from web browsers. This way, users have control of their own time-tracking processes and can gain valuable insights anytime and anywhere. Users can also see real-time information through a calendar view.

Web Time Clocks (Check-in /Clock-in)​

There is much more to time tracking than simply clocking in and out at the beginning and end of every shift. Even something as simple as that process is made more efficient by Workday.  Check-in and checkout include automatic date-and-time stamps.  User check-in is also controlled within the Workday system, allowing only authorized users to enter time and access important data. Workers can also easily access their activity history with a few clicks. ​

Efficient Approvals

An all-encompassing time-and-attendance system gives managers more access to employee data and improved control over the approval process. With Workday, managers can approve time and manage exceptions in one system, and they can even get approval notifications on their desktop or mobile device to stay up-to-date with their entire team.​


Geofencing uses GPS locations and RFID to establish a virtual boundary. With Workday mobile, non-exempt employees may be able to clock in and clock out from their mobile devices. Geofencing will require employees to be at their respective work locations in order to use this functionality on their mobile devices.

How Will I Know?

How will you know which Workday time entry functions are available and appropriate to your situation?  Be sure to watch for training information coming in the fall.  Don’t miss out on learning about all the features that will make your Workday at GVSU more streamlined. 

Page last modified December 12, 2023