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Women's Center Ambassadors: Feminist Leadership and Action

Students are a valued and important part of the Grand Valley State University Women’s Center. Therefore, the Ambassador program was created to build a connection to students who want to further the mission of the Women’s Center as well as their own leadership.

The Women’s Center Ambassador program offers students who are interested in making a difference in the lives of women and girls, an opportunity to explore leadership through service, activism, and discussion.

 The Ambassador program is based on a Feminist Leadership for Social Change curriculum with the goal of empowering women leaders through activism and community engagement!

Check out the 2010-2011 Ambassador Cohort's final service project: a video about what feminism means to them


Also check out GVSU Feminist Voices, the Women's Center blog. Ambassadors regularly write blog posts!

Learning Outcomes for students involved in the Ambassador Program
Ambassadors will…

  • Explore feminist leadership as a model
  • Design and lead service programs relevant to gender justice in the community
  • Engage in leadership through presenting to the campus community about the Women's Center and gender-related issues, such as pay equity and body image 
  • Empower others to get involved in their communities
  • Create social change through civic engagement

Ambassador Responsibilities - service learning, outreach and engagement:

  • Attend bi-weekly meetings during the fall and winter semesters, participate in discussions
  • Present when available to classes/student groups
  • Lead/ co-lead several Day of Service Projects a semester
  • Participate in tabling on behalf of the Women’s Center
  • Regularly post to the Ambassador blog
  • Develop and present a session at Leadership Summit on a topic relevant to feminist Leadership


Ambassadors make a year-long commitment to the program.  The ambassador curriculum includes relevant reading and presentations from community experts on topics related to leadership and gender equity and justice. Ambassadors meet for about 90 minutes every-other-week during the fall and winter semesters. Ambassadors are also asked to co-lead at least one Day of Service per semester and have the opportunity to represent the Women's Center at various campus events.

How to Get Involved

All ambassadors are required to fill out an application for involvement in the program. Applications are accepted at the beginning of each academic year.

Applications can be found in the Women’s Center or by downloading it here. Applications for the 2015-2016 cohort are due Friday, September 18, 2015 by 5pm.

Kacie Kauzlick, a Grand Valley State University alumni and former ambassador, found the program to be invaluable.

"The Ambassador Program made certain issues I had only ever heard about become real to me. Through this awareness I was able to take action, and that is a really great thing! I don't ever want to forget the things I have experienced here."


Women’s Center Ambassadors:

Feminist Leadership for Social Change!


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