Grand Valley State University Women's Center

Reporting: Commitment to Transparency and Accountability

The Women's Center is committed to working in a transparent and accountable manner. We make every effort to remain true to our mission and use our values as guides for how we do our work.

Learn more about the Women's Center on pages 24-25 of the Student Services Division Highlights Booklet.

2013-2014 Year-End Program Report

2012-2013 Year-End Program Report

2011-2012 Year-End Program Report

2010-2011 Year-End Program Report

Women's Community Collaborative 2008 Report

Women's Center Self Study Report

The Women’s Center started its inaugural Self-Study in June 2008. To incorporate the standard protocol for women’s programs around the United States, the Women’s Center adopted the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) Self-Assessment Guide for Women Student Programs and Services. The CAS Guide is the recognized standard within Student Affairs for self-study and assessment. The Guide is divided into 13 essential components made up of standards and guidelines that each women’s program should follow (for more information on CAS please see Section II: Methods). In accordance with CAS, the Women’s Center recruited a self-study team (with members inside and outside of the Women’s Center) who analyzed volumes of evidence to determine program strengths and weaknesses (for a full synopsis of data used for review please see the Appendix B.) A synopsis of these strengths and weaknesses are contained in the following report. The self-study process was beneficial not only in determining how much progress the Women’s Center has made towards its strategic plan; but also in influencing its goal setting for the next six years. The self-study was a time intensive and detailed process requiring physical and personnel resources; however the thorough and thoughtful method revealed useful micro and macro views of the Center.

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