Winterfest Court

What is it: The Winterfest Court is a collection of students who embody the spirit of what it means to be a Laker. These students are active in the GVSU community and are celebrated for their dedication in the classroom, on campus, and beyond.

Why: This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate students who embody the Laker spirit and deserve recognition. Additionally, from the Winterfest Court, a Winterfest Regent will be selected. This regent will receive a scholarship of $500.

Winter 2021 Regent

Magingo Mpungwe

Magingo Mpungwe

Major: International Business and Finance; French

Why should we vote for you? 

It is an honor to be nominated along side candidates who are just as qualified as I am to be the Winterfest Regent. You should vote for me, Magingo Mpungwe, because I embody the characteristics of what being a laker is all about. Being an individual who has and hopes to continue building a better community, while positively encouraging students as they make a home on campus. I’m proud of my accomplishments at Grand Valley, and I hope to continue helping my fellow students as they work towards fulfilling their purposes and living proud lives as Lakers, thank you!

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