Quality Assurance

The Siteimprove tool scans the university web pages for spelling errors, broken links, and accessibility issue every week. Click an image below to watch a short video tutorial on that feature.

**Note: Changes made in Siteimprove are not updated on your actual page. You will need to access the CMS admin to make any corrections to your page.

When managing misspellings, please use the "Ignore on this page" and "Add to dictionary" options only. We are asking that you only ignore words on your pages and not on ALL pages. Ignoring words on ALL pages applies that correction to every page at the University and in many cases your correction doesn't, and shouldn't, apply to every GVSU page.

Please only add actual words to the dictionary. We are asking that you do not add acronyms, departmental jargon, or other idioms for the same reasons listed above.


Siteimprove provides a series of easy to read and easy to understand analytics for your pages. To access your analytics through Siteimprove you will want to select the "Analytics" link from the drop-down in the top left corner. Once that page has been loaded you can select your site specific analytics from the groups drop-down near the top left of the page, seen below. If you do not currently have analytics set up for your site please submit a new request through your CMS4 admin.

SiteImprove Analytics


The Visitor section displays and reports the number of visits and bounce rate by country, organization, browser, operating system and screen resolution so you can quickly identify and report exactly how and where users access your website.


User Journeys shows you how users are navigating your site, and in turn enables you to take this information and use it actively in connection with the structure of the website to make popular destinations more visible.

Internal Search

This shows you what visitor search terms have been entered into your website’s search solution. This helps develop your content strategy by understanding which searches have unsuccessful and successful results and which search term results contribute to the user immediately leaving the website.