Silktide automatically checks your website for issues, including spelling, grammar, broken links, and more. Scans occur weekly and you will be provided with an email updating you on any changes to your site.

Silktide Quality Dashboard displaying any broken links, spelling errors, grammar issues, and readability.


Silktide measures and highlights areas of improvement to increase your sites search engine optimization (SEO).

Silktide Marketing Dashboard displaying ways to increase search engine optimization, reduce slow load times, and optimizing images


Silktide shows you how to comply with the three levels of WCAG 2.1 – the international standard for website accessibility.

Silktide Accessibility Dashboard displaying any issues that need to be corrected to comply with WCAG 2.0 AA standards.


Policies are custom rules and checks for this website. For example, you can check for specific pieces of text, code, or more complex conditions, like images shown without attribution. Our policies are pulled directly from the GVSU Writing Standards.

Silktide Policies Dashboard displaying any policy violations.

Page last modified February 5, 2020