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An accordion is known for its opening and closing to create music. The accordion module can be used to open and close to view pertinent information. 

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The Laker Effect Challenge builds on the idea of the collective impact of the GVSU community on individual students, West Michigan, our state, and beyond. Lakers are driven by our passion for learning and using knowledge for the common good. We make a difference by focusing on others and making lasting contributions.


2018-2019 “The Zombie Apocalypse” $5,000.00. Dr. Maureen Ryan, KCON student Kenny Urena, The Other Way, and Servant’s Church

2017-2018 “Cultivating the Garden of Eating” Kirkhof College of Nursing and residents of the Southwest Area neighborhood (SWAN) $1,000.00

2016-2017 “Moms to Moms Breastfeeding Support” $3,000.00. Dr. Kelli Damstra and KCON students Kayleigh Kibler and Jamie Platt

Named for the first Provost of Grand Valley State University, these awards honor faculty and students who strive for excellence in all aspects of a well-rounded academic experience.

Candidate Criteria:

Students selected for the Niemeyer Awards by the Provost Office are well-rounded individuals with demonstrated excellence in both the classroom and extra-curricular activities.  Recipients excel in the classroom and demonstrate a joy of learning as part of a community of scholars.  Along with intellectual achievements, recipients participate in activities outside the classroom that serve to enrich their lives and the lives of others


2018-2019 Amy Veltman, DNP student

2017-2018 Kathryn Ellens, DNP Student

2016-2017 Megan Madole, DNP Student

2015-2016 Jonathan Gibson, DNP Student

Grant awards of up to $1,500 are available to support the research and scholarly projects of graduate students. Applicants must be degree seeking and in good  academic standing. The research must be connected to completion of some aspect of the applicant’s graduate degree


Winter 2019: Beena Philip  Implementation Strategies to Increase Uptake of Hester Davis Tool Tailoring of Fall Prevention Interventions

Fall 2018: Megan CarpenterUsing the Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventive Services (RAAPS) to Screen for Risk-Taking Behaviors in 13 to 18 Year Olds in a Primary Care Office

Winter 2017: Kathryn Ellens:  “Implementation of an Evidence-Based Opioid Reduction Pain Management Protocol for an Observation Unit”

                        Amelia Grayson:  “The Implementation of a Toileting
                       Intervention to Decrease Falls in a Hospital Elderly Acute Care Unit”

                        Kelsey Kloosterman:  “Care of Adult Cancer Survivors,”

                       Amanda Taylor: “Transitions of Care in a Children’s Hospital from
                       Operating Room to Outpatient: A Quality Improvement Project,”

                       Kristin Vanderwell:  “Improving Adolescent Risk Assessment in a
                       Primary Care Setting”

                       Christiana Winkelman: “Prevention of Central Line-Associated
                       Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) in Adult Oncology Patients”

In partnership with schools of nursing across the country, Jonas Philanthropies identifies and invests in high-potential doctoral nursing Scholars.

Jonas Scholarships aim to:

  • Support nurses who will address our nation’s most pressing healthcare needs.
  • Increase the number of nurses with advanced training filling leadership roles as faculty, clinical leaders and researchers.
  • Improve the health of veterans by supporting doctoral-level nursing candidates committed to advancing veterans healthcare.


2016-2018 Amelia Grayson, Christina Winkelman

2014-2016 Rachel Cardosa, Leda Evans

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Day in History

Something Happened On This Day!

January 14, 2020

On this day in history in GVSU, something amazing happened. Learn about it! Web Team

Party for the People

January 16, 2020

This is a party happening for people.

Happy Birthday Zach!

July 31, 2020

Celebrate the birthday of Zach on July 31.

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CMS 201 Events

My first event

December 19, 2025 1:00 AM - 1:00 AM

Here is an event I am testing 

Second event listed!

December 19, 2025 1:00 AM - 1:00 AM

This is a second event. 

Third event is live!

December 19, 2025 1:00 AM - 1:00 AM

Come to my third event

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Give Now

Give Today

Give Now

GVNext News

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CMS 201 News

A posed portrait of Megan Sall.

Grand Valley well-positioned to help students, new board chair says

Newly-appointed chair of the Grand Valley Board of Trustees Megan Sall said higher education helps people find themselves and shape the next stages of their lives. She said Grand Valley is well-positioned to help students achieve growth.

Jun 25, 2020

Group of people posing with a sign

Recent graduates part of a team awarded $10,000 in global innovation competition

Margaux Sellnau, '20, and a team of four other college students were awarded second place and a cash prize of $10,000 at the 2020 Wege Prize competition. The Wege Prize is an annual competition focused on addressing systemic issues through developing circular economic models to drive change in the way we take, make and dispose of goods.

Jun 23, 2020

Jaime Counterman and young daughter

Earning a master's degree during a pandemic: alumna finds learning form of self-care

Jaime Counterman had planned to start a master's degree program several times but found excuses: a new job once, a new position in the same organization another time.

Jun 9, 2020

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Job Feed

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CMS 201 Job Feed

There are currently no jobs available for this feed. Please check back again soon.

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Lists (List Layout)

The list module has multiple uses, including showing information to serve a purpose - such as a directory of faculty or a list of classes.  This is a replacement for the directory module, which is now obsolete. 

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GVSU Contact Information

Department Email Phone Assists with:


(616) 331-2025

(800) 748-0246 (Toll-free Phone)

  • Admissions
  • Advising and Registration
  • Applications
  • Campus Visit
  • Future Students
  • Orientation
  • Transfer Students

Information Technology

(616) 331-2101

(855) 435-7488 (Toll-free Phone)

  • Banner
  • Blackboard
  • Campus Phone Services
  • Cyber Safety
  • GVSU Email Accounts
  • Password Reset


(616) 331-3327

  • Academic Calendar
  • Graduation Audits
  • Registration
  • Student IDs
  • Student Records
  • Transcript
  • Veterans

Student Accounts

(616) 331-2209

(800) 789-1923 (Toll-free Phone

  • Billing / E-bill
  • Collections
  • Payment Options
  • Perkins Loans
  • Student Accounts

Lists (Chart Layout)

The list module can also be used to create a colorful chart. This is a replacement for the chart module, which is now obsolete. 

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CMS 201 Chart



Create your own news feed using your own news using the News Feed. 

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Web Team Blog

Web Team Blog

The blog module is awesome.

Jan 14, 2020

Learn about the Web Team

Learn about the Web Team

Here is a news story just for you.

Dec 8, 2015

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“Just for once, let me look on you with my own eyes.”

Anakin Skywalker


Have a random fact or anecdote appear whenever someone views your page. 

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Random Event 1

This is the text of a random event! 


Showcase a person, story, or article on your page using the Spotlight Module. 

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Featured Projects

Featured Project: Events Calendar

Featured Project: Events Calendar

The Events Calendar allows faculty, students, and the community to keep up with what's happening at GVSU. Sign up for e-mail alerts, share your events on Facebook, and submit your organization or department's events.

Featured Project: Sail

Featured Project: Sail

The Sail system allows faculty to plan courses, curriculum, and programs, as well as track the status of submitted curriculum proposals.

Featured Project: eBenefits System

Featured Project: eBenefits System

GVSU eBenefits allows GVSU employees to elect and manage benefits during open enrollment and new hire orientation.

Emily Miller '14 & '20

Emily Miller '14 & '20

A favorite GVSU memory was creating and curating a student art show with my friend (also art teacher) Michelle Haapala. As art education majors, a final show was not part of our degree, but we wanted to show what our students could do.

Featured Project: Homepage

Featured Project: Homepage

The GVSU homepage features the most up-to-date information from events, news, success stories, and happenings across the university.

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Have multiple tabs appear on a page for a user to click on, and view different information. 

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Uniquely synergize extensive e-services rather than focused applications. Enthusiastically fabricate client-focused materials through adaptive initiatives. Progressively monetize resource-leveling ROI for bleeding-edge networks. Energistically restores customized infrastructures via seamless experiences. Continually reconceptualize backward-compatible sources through premium platforms.

Seamlessly leverage existing interdependent growth strategies whereas standardized imperatives. Competently embrace interactive products after empowered users. Conveniently transform backward-compatible process.

Twitter Hashtags

Generate a feed that populates tweets that use a specific hashtag.   

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Twitter Hashtags

Profile picture for @Paradigm_ED
Paradigm Education Solutions
"Megan Riksen, Assistant Director of Career Centers at GVSU, offers tips for college students or recent graduates o…
Profile picture for @GVSUeLEARN
Remote learning stories: Brittland DeKorver lectures, mentors and conducts labs virtually while uniting chemistry e…

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