Web Conferencing Support

There are 2 options in supporting your web conference event:

Option #1 – Dedicated Support Technician

Contract with an outside vendor to provide a technician to be on-site to provide the support. Conference room reservations through Conference and Event Planning (Pew Campus, Regional Centers, Alumni House) or Event Services (Allendale) office can assist in reviewing vendor and support options. For one way live video streaming, please contact University Communications or the Promotions Office.

Option #2 – Internal Staff Support

If you are unable to secure an outside vendor, we recommend using the self-help resources on this website to build up knowledge within an existing staff member or student assistant to provide the needed support for the event. Before a live event is conducted for the first time, a test session is recommended with the presenters or facilitators of the event to ensure the technology is working properly. With some web conferencing tools like Zoom, software will need to be downloaded and installed for the best performance.