GVSU Meeting Room Locations

A variety of class and conference rooms are available on all of GVSU's campuses for conducting web conferencing meetings. Simply reserve one of the following designated rooms by contacting the listed department (be sure to reserve the room for at least 30 minutes before the interview(s) begin), arrive at the conference room fifteen minutes before the first scheduled meeting and bring any needed equipment to conduct your conference.

The following rooms are equipped with a flat panel display, webcam and microphone. You will need to provide a laptop with the appropriate application installed.

Allendale Campus

  • FH B173 - Athletics
  • JHZ 1012 - Human Resources
  • KHS 4447 - Information Technology
  • LMH 116 - Anthropology

Pew Campus

  • CHS 340 - Conference and Event Planning

Traverse City Regional Center

  • UC 102 - Regional Center Main Office

NOTE: Contact the department listed for room availability.

These rooms use large screen LCD projectors as the display, but do not have a permanently installed webcam or microphone. You will need to provide a laptop with the appropriate software, a webcam and microphone to conduct your conference in these rooms.

Allendale Campus

  • MAK B-2-226 – CLAS Deans Office
  • MAK D-2-168 – Information Technology

NOTE: Contact the department listed for room availability.

In addition, every classroom on the Allendale, Holland and Pew Campuses has a webcam and microphone installed as part of the instructor’s workstation. As a result, you can conduct a web conference in any of these rooms by logging into the instructor’s computer and launching the appropriate software.

If you would prefer to schedule a technician to provide all of the needed equipment and on-site technical support during your meeting or interview, log-in to the Web Conferencing Support Reservation page, complete the on-line request form and submit it for final processing. The Digital Studio will then contact you once the form has been received and a technician is scheduled for your event. Additional information can be found on our Conferencing Support page.

Page last modified May 23, 2016