Google Meet Tutorials & Training

What you can do with Meet

  • Make video calls. Meet makes it easier than ever to start and join video meetings from mobile devices, computers, or a conference room. You can meet with up to 25 people at a time.

  • Invite people inside or outside your organization. Schedule a meeting using Google Calendar or invite people after you join the call.

  • Schedule meetings. All meetings scheduled with Google Calendar include a Meet video link.

  • Start an instant meeting. On your phone, open the mobile app or, in your browser, go to, start a meeting, and then invite others to join.

  • Share your screen. While in a meeting, you can share your screen to present slides or other information on your desktop.

  • Use multiple devices. Scheduled meetings are synced automatically across devices, so you can start a meeting on your computer and continue on another device, such as your phone.

  • *New Feature - view everyone in a meeting. A new free Chrome extension called "Google Meet Grid View" has just been made available that allows you to see everyone in a meeting, no matter how many people there are. Normally when you are in a Google Meet video conference, you can only show at most 4 people at a time. This video tutorial provides an excellent overview and the extension can be downloaded directly from the Chrome Web Store.

Note: This extension is only changing the view for you, and not for the other people in the meeting. Each person controls their own view. For other people in the meeting to see the grid, they also need to install the extension one time, and then they can turn the Grid View on or off for themselves.

Step-by-Step Instructions

       Schedule a Google Meet web conference using Google Calendar

       Start a Google Meet web conference from your Chrome web browser

       Options for joining a Google Meet web conference

       Google Meet quick tip sheet

Still looking for more resources? 

Additional tutorials and training documents are available in the G Suite Learning Center.