Consultant Qualifications

Because the Center's services are instructional support, we take the education and training of our consultants very seriously.

Consultants are undergraduate and graduate students studying in wide variety of fields such as English, Business, History, & Health Sciences, and many others.

Consultants are chosen through an extensive application process. Students wishing to become consultants must fill out long written applications and perform well during an hour-long interview.

In addition, we only decide which consultants to hire after reading at least two samples of their writing. We want consultants who work with the Center to be good writers themselves, but also able to work well with their peers and to respond appropriately and helpfully to student writing in many situations.

After hire, consultants receive extensive training:

  • All consultants participate in an orientation held before fall classes begin.
  • New consultants complete a one-credit academic course called WRT 306: Seminar for New Consultants. In this course, consultants continue to hone their tutoring skills & also read research and theory related to composing processes, responding to writing, and writing center pedagogy.
  • New consultants meet in small mentoring groups twice monthly.
  • All consultants attend a number of Continuing Education Seminars throughout the academic year. Each seminar is focused on a specific tutoring situation or topic and are a way of helping consultants learn new and more effective ways of doing their work.
  • New consultants are observed during their first semester of work so the Director and Lead Consultants can mentor them more effectively.

We hope you find the consultants to be professional and well-prepared to help with your writing needs!




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Page last modified August 12, 2016