Spring 2021 Secondary Admit

Foundations Review / Secondary Admit

During the spring 2021 semester, there will not be a Foundation Review process because of the current pandemic situation.

This was the required review for students pursuing Art Education or one of the Studio Art areas as a BA, BS or BFA at the end of the semester they were completing their required Foundation classes. The Foundations Review has been paused for the 2020-2021 academic year. If you are currently in Foundations are completing your required Foundations classes this or next semester, you will not participate in the Foundation Review. This will not affect your degree progress in any way. 

Please use this link to watch a video for further information


What is the Secondary Admit?


Upon completion of their Foundations classes, students interested in pursuing an emphasis in Graphic Design and/or Illustration must participate in a secondary admittance process. Both programs prioritize admission based on a review of portfolio work from the Foundations courses. 


Remember! You must be a Studio Art major to register for the Secondary Admit.


Secondary Admit Process

Prepare the Portfolio


Download the presentation template below and place your works in the respective areas. 

Download the Template – Powerpoint

Upload Your Work


Use this form to upload your portfolio by June 21st, 11:59 pm.

You will also need to write a 250–500 characters essay answering the prompt: "What attracted you to pursue an emphasis in graphic design and/or illustration?

Upload your Portfolio and Essay

Receive Your Results


Your results will be communicated by email on June 23th, 2021. If accepted, you must accept the position by completing the confirmation form by June 25th. If not accepted, you can choose a different emphasis area, pursue a BA/BS degree, or a different major. Consult your advisor for your options.

Register For Classes


As soon as you receive communication about your course permits, register for the required classes in Graphic Design and/or Illustration.


Upload Your Portfolio and Essay

Number of Spots per area

Graphic Design


8–10 spots for the Spring 2021 applicants




8–10 spots for the Spring 2021 applicants

Portfolio Preparation Instructions


It is important that you organize and present your foundations portfolio in a professional manner. The following guide will assist you in this task. It also contains specific instructions, essential dates and times, and the room assigned to you for displaying your work.


ART 150 - 2-D Design

Include 3 of your best projects. Projects with multiple explorations still count as one project.


ART 151 - 3-D Design

Include 3 of your best projects. Make sure you include multiple photographs of the same piece to show its various angles.


ART 152 - Color & Design

Include 3 of your best projects. Projects with multiple explorations count as one project.


ART 153 - Making and Meaning

Include 3 of your best projects. For 3D projects, including multiple views of the piece. Any work significantly large in scale should be presented by a photograph(s). 


ART 155 - Drawing I

Include 3 of your best projects. Projects with multiple explorations still count as one project.


ART 157 - Drawing II

Include 3 of your best projects. Projects with multiple explorations still count as one project.


Transfer Courses?

Did you transfer to GVSU and received Foundations credit? No problem! Please upload the work you have to the Powerpoint anyway. 

(If you do not have the work, please contact Bill Hosterman ASAP to come up with a plan.)

How to Photograph Works for Your Portfolio

Need a refresher on how to photograph your works for your portfolio? Check out this video for some tips.

Upload Your Portfolio and Essay

Important Dates



June 21, 11:59pm

Last date to upload Portfolio and Essay

June 23rd

Students get notified of the results by email

June 25th, 11:59pm

Last day to accept their placement in the emphasis.

(If information is not received by that time, the placement will be offered to students on the waitlist.)

Starting June 28th

Registration overrides will be issued for the respective courses in each emphasis.

Questions ?


If you have any questions, please contact the Foundations Review Coordinator. He will be glad to assist.

Bill Hosterman

Professor Bill Hosterman
1111 Calder Arts Center